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The Ladies Of Our Mims   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by Weldon54; 253073 views.

From: Serebyani


No blisters, and only mild stiffness in my back the next morning-


Trip back to NC was long but uneventful...
Wishing I was still in KY!!

From: pschmid1012


As both my spouse & I have visited Our Mims & seen the wonderful +++  care you give the Ladies,  I only hope that Ms.Stalwart's fav.people can get to Our Mims & soon.

Would hate if you have an early hard winter on Ms. Stalwart....  & you, seeing what pain she may experience.

You seem to know , when enough is enough.

My thoughts are with you  & Ms. Stalwart.

Bless you both!


From: jamielsg


Please tell Ms. Stalwart that I love her very much.  I thought of her and The Ladies tonight as I was driving back from Nashville.  There was the most beautiful harvest moon just above the horizon and a bright star right next to it..........I prayed for Ms. Stalwart and you.  Of course I thought of The Heavenly Ladies as I often do.............hugs Jeanne........

Love, Jamie

From: ladyadler1


I am been praying for a peaceful crossing for Ms. Stalwart.  Thank you for making her time on this earth as pain free as you were able to. 
KLB (ghizmatt)

From: KLB (ghizmatt)


Has Miss Stallwart crossed?



From: myheart10


Oh I hope there was a miracle and she is ok.



From: gerchgo


Hi have to tell you, on TVG's 2012 In Review, they had an In Memoriam at the end, of both horses and humans...I started to cry when I saw they had listed Timeless Sue, so glad they acknowledged her!!!!!!!


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From: jamielsg


Me too Ger........Sue was and is one of the most beautiful and gentlest horses I've ever had the honor to know..............she is truly Timeless.........Merry Christmas in Heaven to Sue and all the Heavenly Ladies..........


From: Mimsforever


Ms Stalwart is still with us. We have been unable to coordinate the burial crew, the vet and the weather.

She hurts, to be sure, despite the heavy pain meds. On bad days, she gets very heavily medicated and is watched round the clock. Our vet, bless his heart, has been "on call" for her for weeks.

I simply can not allow her to be taken off to unknown places after she passes...which is what I would have to do if we can not bury her here. Too much rain makes burial impossible. And, oh, it has been rainy.

I have made the promise of FOREVER. I intend to keep that promise. Ms. Stalwart is here forever.

Alternative plan, if worse comes to absolute worse, we will go the extremely expensive route of cremation...its not so much the money that bothers me the most about that; I know I can come up with money from personal accounts and ask a few key folks for the rest.

But still, she would have to leave here for a period of time for that to happen. And I promised her she would not have to. When we say FOREVER, we mean it.

I have not posted updates because with all that has already happened in the past month and a half, I did not want to add to the burden on your hearts. I KNOW you feel so much for our ladies, you grieve so much with us. And your kind hearts hurt already...our ladies would never want to add to a heavy heart. Their purpose is to bring love and joy.

Her day is not far away. We wait for a few days of sunshine on withers when our burial crew can come. The vet is ready, Ms. Stalwart is ready...its up to things beyond our control for the rest.



From: Mimsforever


I did not see TVG's year in Review! I had no idea!