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Support Eight Belles' connections   Horse Racing

Started by Russo (Railbird87); 11818 views.
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From: pschmid1012


Strong & sure b/c she had a 'filly' psyche!  IMO, a really professional jockey...knows the horse & it's phy. limitations!  But then again so do trainors & owners!!!  I really do believe, there is more to this than 'broken legs' !!!   Sport of kings.....NOT! (unless the 'royalty is self serving)  I am thoroughly DISGUSTED & a lot of America( not horsey people) are mourning & thank God, the press is con't their 'story' on this one!  WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

From: KathyElm


I totally agree with you. Her collapse seemed more physical than mechanical. It looks like she may have choked (cut off her air)...or had someother interferance of oxygen/blood flow. Alot of trainers administer medications...supplements etc straight into the jugular...sometimes in jugging a horse, the jugular becomes flat and it's almost like a kink in a hose...nothing gets thru.Understand,I am not implying that she was jugged or had a flat jugular,it's just that that is sometimes a cause of a horse going down.

I think the ankle fractures occured when she was going down....I don't think they were the cause of her going down.

Just my opinion....


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From: turelsm


thank you. sad but i her you
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peace .. ..

From: KammyGirl9


You are so right.  I will send my condolenses to Eight Belles' connections.

Thank you,  Judy


From: KammyGirl9



This is in response to your post #10.  It says everything I have been feeling, so I need not say anything more  Bravo.

Rest in Peace, beautiful Belles...


From: Guest


I don't get "wordy" very often on most of these topics because I do not want to get into the contest of words.  But, I have felt for a long time now that there are good owners/trainers and there are bad ones.  If there weren't then why would the Jackson's get so much praise for being an example of the "good owners" that "get it".  And this is shown by the decisions that they make for their horses.  


From: hornsix1


I enjoyed reading your post #33. Insight right from people like you who know horses from first hand experience helps clear up the "muddied" picture painted by radicals who have strong opinions but don't really know the animals.

From: Guest


I agree EGO is at the root of our biggest problems.  And before you know it you are making decisions letting  your ego rule.

I like to believe the best about people, but somehow when it comes to the welfare of animals, especially horses my patience is short.  They a so dependent on man for their welfare and are practically helpless.

Karen Macmanus

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From: Lin817


I feel bad for everyone involved with Eight Belles. I am heart broken over this filly. I think something was wrong with her before the race.  I also think they are too young and that race is too long. If they changed that there would be less getting hurt. I have not watched a race since Barbaro and I don't intend to....until or if they do some safety precautions for races.  If a horse kicks his stall or anything else before the race they should be scratched. Most of them are nervous and bop around  at the gate, think of something else.   

From: MichiganFOB1


Just to let you know.  I sent an e-mail to Delaware Park. on their website, asking to please forward my sincere sympathy to all Eight Belles connections.  I also said I do not support the efforts of PETA to suspend or punish Gabe Saez.  I got a response back, thanking me for my kind words, and telling that my e-mail has been given to Eight Belles connections.