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In Memoriam   Horse Racing

Started 1/10/12 by Derby132; 618917 views.

From: Lina_TX


RIP Raw Moon.  I wish there was some sort of idea what is causing this.  Not just cold weather, I'm thinking. 

From: Derby132


I'm sure it's probably not.  There is an answer, likely not a good one....

From: gerchgo


This was happening alot in eventing, they were doing a study on it now for 2 or 3 yrs, but I can't find any info on it. I may try to contact one the of the organizers out here, to see if they know anything.



From: wishbone


I would venture to say that the reason a horse drops dead is probably the same reason a perfectly healthy person drops dead.....there is just no explaining to do.  If it lives and breathes, sadly, it also dies.  All the research in the world can't change that... it just happens.  Shah and Baffert are very unlucky that it has happened to 2 of their better horses within a couple of months.

From: Barbi1958


Wanted to honor Righteousnhopeful, a young filly who broke down at Gulfstream on Friday and I have not had time to find out what happened to For Oby, he broke down after the finish line at Tampa on Saturday in the Pasco. He finished second in the Spectacular Bid at Gulfstream and was a promising colt. Appreciate it Greg if you can find out anything.
Greg J. (Wookster8)

From: Greg J. (Wookster8)



I am so sorry, I had posted this yesterday:

Sadly, "For Oby" a three year old colt, finished 5th in this race but broke down after the wire and didn't make it.

R.I.P. For Oby...

So sorry Barbi :(

R.I.P. Righteousnhopeful

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From: myheart10


This is so sad, I feel it is due to a heart issue. I just found out on the weekend a yearling we have who coliced that same weekend has a very large heart Murmur.. When I tranked her I thought she was allergic her heart was beating fast.. The vet then came and examined her and he told me it was loud and didn't feel comfortatble to trank her to oil her. He said to keep an eye on it as she grows but to limit trank as much as possible. he said sometimes they out grow them. He said possiblity of ultrasounded the heart before she goes off to training. Many times I feel they go undiagnosed when they are young.



From: Derby132


Ultrasound seems like a good idea especially with the heart murmur.  Good luck with your yearling and hope she continues to improve.

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From: JudithinCA



Report for the period Monday, December 26, 2011 through Monday, January 2, 2012.
Euthanized / Died 
12-26-11 Anakin (Tr. Mike Talbot) chronic laminitis – Pleasanton Dk B/, c, 08   10 2-1-2 $47330
01-01-12 How Do You Roll (Tr. Jamey Thomas) colic   CH C 10 unraced
01-02-12 Whythelongface (Tr. Steve Sherman) fractured right hind leg. Tapeta, racing Ch g 09 1 0-0-0 $260

Report for the period Wednesday, January 4, 2012 through Sunday, January 8, 2012.
Euthanized / Died 
01-05-12 Steppinginthelight (Tr. McLean) breathing hard, staggered, died in stall; training, Tapeta b, g 08 18 2-1-3 $32240
01-05-12 Kiss and Terell (Tr. Markle) fractured P1 left front; working, Tapeta Dk B, f 08 1 0-0-0 $615
01-06-12 On Time Flight (Tr. Puertas) dropped dead after Premarin shot  B, g 05 22 2-3-3 $42,624
01-07-12 Bert N Me (Tr. Sherman) dropped dead after working 3/4’s   B, g 08 uraced

Report for the period Wednesday, January 11, 2012 through Monday, January 16, 2012.
Euthanized / Died 
01-11-12 Checkinuponyou (Tr. Hollendorfer) right front medial sesamoid fracture; Tapeta, training  DkB, g 06  13 3-1-2 $65,432

From: Derby132


It's staggering to read of all the different causes of death to a horse at the racetrack.

Thanks for posting the update.  Sadness for all the horses lost.