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From: Derby132


Large Farms Step Up To The Aftercare Plate With In-House Programs And Policies

Darley has a strong alliance with CANTER Kentucky and with the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center (MMSC), which is based at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Ky. Director Susanna Thomas views the Darley horses that are rehoming candidates and selects which ones she thinks will work best for the MMSC program. Other Darley horses are rehomed directly from their own facilities.

“If we have horses that need a lot more time to get ready for a second career, we send them to Caddel Equine [Therapy Center in Georgetown, Ky.], where they get the one-on-one care and education to prepare them for new careers,” Browne said.

Darley has gifted nearly 100 horses to new owners over the last five years; the horses have gone on to various careers including polo, eventing, hunting, companion animals and everything in between.

Because of the positive word of mouth, Darley can have a waiting list of up to 50 potential new homes at any one time. When Darley gifts the horses, they advise new owners that if the horse doesn’t work out for any reason, Darley will take the horse back, rehabilitate or retrain the horse as necessary and rehome the horse again.



From: cigarello


 Hi Cindy:

Thanks for posting this - it is good to know that there are people in the industry giving a horse a chance for a good life after their racing days are over.


Darley is an amazing place.  I visited there several years ago.  Holy moly, the place is gorgeous, the stalls are big. the horses there have a very good life.




From: Derby132


And the Darley horses not residing there have futures beyond their racing careers.  I was very pleased to read this too.


From: cigarello


That is definitely good news
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From: Derby132


Mike Repole, Starlight and Starladies Racing Combined Donate $100,000 to New Vocations’ Capital Campaign

New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program announced that prominent racehorse owner Mike Repole and leading syndicate Starlight Racing along with StarLadies Racing have become Foundation Donors of the program’s capital campaign by each donating $50,000. New Vocations hopes other owners and syndicates will follow as additional support is needed to complete the project.

“Aftercare of retired racehorses is very important to me and should be for any owner, said Mike Repole. “I encourage other owners to consider donating to the New Vocations Capital Campaign.  The program’s efforts will be greatly expanded by the new facility and ultimately more horses will be helped into second careers.”

Starlight Racing managing partner Donnie Lucerrelli said, “We’re happy to support the work that New Vocations is doing and are excited to see them expand at Mereworth Farm.They’ve been rehabilitating, retraining and re-homing retired Thoroughbreds for a long time and our contribution to their program is an acknowledgment of the great work they’re doing.

In May, New Vocations launched a capital campaign to build the nation’s premier racehorse adoption facility in Lexington, Ky., on the historic Mereworth Farm. Once complete, the new facility, which will include two 15-stall barns, indoor arena, outdoor arena, office and multiple pastures and paddocks, will double the program’s Lexington capacity, allowing more retiring racehorses to be helped each year.

To date, the New Vocations Capital Campaign has raised $950,000 of the estimated $2 million needed to fund the project.  An official ground breaking was held in June and the outdoor arena, sponsored by Fasig-Tipton, has been completed with the construction of the first barn underway. The focus in September is to find four additional Foundation Donors to fund  the site work, excavation, building pads, seeding, driveways and pathways for the 85-acre property. Foundation Donors receive a custom lawn jockey in their choice of name and silks positioned near the New Vocations office at Mereworth Farm which will be seen by hundreds of visitors and adopters each year.

“Thousands of retired racehorses will benefit from the new facility at Mereworth Farm,” said New Vocations Program Director Anna Ford. “We are truly grateful for Mike Repole’s, Starlight Racing’s and StarLadies’ generous donation to the project. All three have been staunch, ongoing supporters of our mission to rehab, retrain and rehome retired racehorses.”

Follow the campaign’s progress, make a donation, and learn more about the naming and giving opportunities by visiting the capital campaign’s website at

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From: gerchgo


Let's keep those donations coming from the owners!

From: Derby132


That's what's needed!  I love this endeavor for this farm in KY.

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From: Derby132


As a TAA accredited facility and grant recipient, we are thrilled to see the strong support from 20 farms and 119 TB stallions in support of the TAA and aftercare! - AKINDALE THOROUGHBRED RESCUE

Twenty Stallion Farms Contributed to the TAA in 2015

The Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance (TAA) received funding from 20 farms in 2015 through stud fees from 119 Thoroughbred stallions. The stallions’ connections pledged to donate 25 percent or more of the advertised stud fee for each horse.

Wow!  Loved reading this.

Amy (1pony)

From: Amy (1pony)


They raised good money today!! 


From: Derby132


That is awesome.  I was wondering who the stallions were so thanks for the link.