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Lentenor to Stand At IN Stallion Station   Barbaro and Family

Started 11/29/12 by Greg J. (Wookster8); 284909 views.

From: gerchgo


Fractions were 22:22, 46 for first half, just too much gas too soon.


From: Flurry84


Was hoping she could do well at CD today.

At least Gladys was 2nd at Fairgrounds.

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Amy (1pony)

From: Amy (1pony)

It is with great excitement that we have purchased Lentenor from Calumet Farm.  Lentenor has meant so much to my family for many years. It is hard to explain the excitement that my daughters and I am experiencing knowing that the horse we have loved for the entirety of his life will permanently be joining our family.  I would like to thank Calumet for this opportunity and for the many years of his life while we had him in Indiana.  I would like to thank Lentenor’s fans for the love and support that they continue to show him.  We appreciate your love for him and will continue to keep you informed about his life and make him available to the fans.  We love Lentenor and have chosen to send him to Cabin Creek Farm in Pennsylvania to stand next to our other horse past rival and 2010 Florida Derby winner Ice Box. We have a long standing friendship and extended family relationship with Maria at Cabin Creek and know that Lentenor is in excellent hands to continue his stallion career and enjoy his life with the greatest care and love possible.  We will be announcing a breeding bonus program in the near future to give breeders added incentive to breed to Lentenor who has produced stakes winner and multiple stakes placed Uphold. We also would like to thank the family at Indiana Stallion Station for their support of us and Lentenor while he was with them and in this new adventure in his and our life.  We can not be more excited and are honored to have Lentenor as part of our family for the rest of his life.

Amy (1pony)

From: Amy (1pony)