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Cimetadine for horse melanoma   General: Horse-related

Started Oct-1 by sandins; 164 views.

From: sandins


HI All,,,,,,,,just throwing this out,,,,,,,,,,,as my old trainer has a 25 yr old grey with melanomas,,,,,some under tail for yrs, but now found with a dental float in mouth in front of molars. She is eating well and drinking, defecating and stable weight, the newer med research shows that Cimetadine (Tagamet)          very old drug for acid control and ulcers in a horse is now effective for reducing size of tumors, She is not interested in surgery and just wants lesson horse to be comfortable. We know that anything outside is also inside, probably. And dose is 600mg tabs X 15 per day X a month. My large animal vet friend is helping with ideas,,,,,,,,,,and says to use honey or molasses or something to mash it in,,,,,maybe even applesauce, as they won't touch if in their grain as it is awful. 

Any one have any experience with this? Can get from Walmart for less than Vet script, which is over $600. 

Would be happy to hear your thoughts on this if you can,,,,,,,,,,,thanks so much..............this is my lesson horse and I love her,,,,as first rode a horse ever at have my own..........also an old retired RN