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MONTHLY $5 DONATIONS.....SORT OF   Horse Rescue Issues

Started Mar-16 by NWFLAFOB; 376 views.



Though our FOB monthly horse rescue program has ended (Ellen, we miss you!!), we FOBs still learn of opportunities to represent Barbaro's legacy in special ways.  Long time FOB, Grandma Bea Gobee is spearheading efforts to save Drosselmagic, the son of Belmont and Breeder's Cup Champion Drosselmeyer.  His dam is Awesome Six and grandmother (grand dam?!) is Awesome Again.  This youngster has performed in 71 races to date, the last on 23 February at Parx Racetrack and placed 6th.  Bea and her representatives are negotiating with the trainer and have a guaranteed sanctuary for him to go for the rest of his life. 

Bea is asking for donations to help with the purchase of Drosselmagic and for his transport from PA to NY.:

Here is her address and contact info:  Bea Gobee, 129 Wellington Way, Bushkill, PA  18324, her home phone number is 570-588-0880 and she's available to answer any questions about these arrangements.  I'm sharing this as an extension of our monthly efforts thinking that maybe those who took part in them before they ended might be interested in helping another FOB rescue this way.  Both the rescuer and the receiving rescue are established, trusted members of the FOB universe.

Bea doesn't have an online funding set up.  If you're interested in helping, please make check out to her and place Drosselmagic's name in the Memo line     If the transaction falls  through for any reason, Bea will return everyone's check to them uncashed so make sure your address is on it.  If you are interested in helping Drosselmagic retire from racing forever or have questions regarding any aspect of the effort, please contact Bea as soon as possible.


From: DJoAnn


This is a great idea!   I know Bea a little bit and trust her implicitly.  I will certainly help with this!

thank you!, 


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Thank you!   Bea has been around forever - I trust her, too!  Hard to believe it's been 15 years of Barbaro.

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Bea has sent out the below update about her efforts to raise what is needed to claim this horse.  As she points out, he will become a resident at Equine Advocates rescue for the rest of his life.   


I am reaching out again, hopefully for the last time, to fans of Barbaro to help save Drosselmagic (son of Drosselmeyer), from ever having to race again.  He deserves to go to Equine Advocates for a long and happy life.

According to his horse profile he has raced 78 races.  Five of these races took place in 2021 at Parx Race track, Bensalem, PA.  Tomorrow  will be race number 79 for him race # 10 at Parx.

We are VERY, VERY close to having the right amount of funds to have him claimed for us.

Please fellow FOB’s, in honor of our sweet Barbaro’s birthday this coming Thursday, April 29th, help this horse have a happy life.  It was our sweet Barbaro who got our attention to save as many horses as we can, in his honor, in his memory.  Let’s save one more.

Please send a donation in check form to me:

Bea Gobee

129 Wellington Way

Bushkill, PA 18324

Home: 570-588-0880

Please know that he will NOT be my horse.  He will belong to Equine Advocates who will be responsible for his care forever. Once we get him, he will be their responsibility and they will provide his care for the rest of his life.

Go to Equine Advocates website to see where this beautiful horse would spend the rest of his life, if  you will let him.  They recently celebrated 25 years in rescue. And one of their supporters is famous actress BeBe Neuwirth of Blue Bloods and Madam Secretary.

I am here to answer any questions anyone may have. Feel free to call the phone number above.  It is my home phone. If I don’t answer, leave a message and I will return your call.

All donations so far are in my safe, not being cashed till I have the amount needed to have him claimed.

Thank you in advance.  No donation is too small.

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Sad update for this effort...from Bea Gobee:


MARCH 28, 2013 – APRIL 26, 2021



It is with another broken heart, I want to inform everyone who cared about this horse and donated to trying to give him a wonderful, happy retirement at Equine Advocates, Chatham, NY that our sweet Drosselmagic lost his life last night during his 80th race at Parx Race Track.

He hurt his leg coming out of the gate.  He ran his race till the finish line.

This message is being sent to all those who have donated to saving this horse. 

As I said, I will not cash any checks till we had the full amount to claim him.  We were $646.00 short.

My plan is to give funds collected to Equine Advocates in Chatham, NY which is where Drosselmagic would have spent the remainder of his life at their expense.

If you would like me to mail your check back to you, please let me know and I will return it to you shortly.  As soon as I am able to function again. Some checks promised have not been received yet.

Thank you for your donation, care and consideration for this poor boy.

Grandma Bea Gobee


From: Flurry84


When I saw the race results the other day I was fearful he would be put down. Thank you for letting us know the final result for Drosselmagic. Heartbreaking that he came so close to being retired and spending the rest of his life grazing in pastures. Parx and Charlestown continue to have more than their share of injuries and fatalities.

Thank you for trying to protect him. Rest well, lovely Drosselmagic.




I saw an online petition the other day to close Parx.

When Bea sent out the email update, I was literally speechless and in tears.  I still can't wrap my brain around how close he came to being rescued from the life of racing and know that fact is eating at Bea's heart.  


From: Flurry84


Hope Parx is forced to close.  They have had just as long as other tracks to advance improvements and seemingly have done nothing.  I avoid viewing any races at this and a few other tracks unless there is a horse I am really following.  Too many things happen.


From: cigarello


 That was his 80th race?  SMH