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ROSES FOR BARBARO   Barbaro and Family

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There are two special months on the calendars of all FOBs - January and April. Barbaro was born on 29 April 2003, raced into our hearts and our lives on 6 May 2006, and became part of the eternal heavenly herd on 29 January 2007. The Fans of Barbaro will once again repeat the public display representing their love for him on 24 April. Rose tributes will surround the base of his final resting place at Churchill Downs. Red Derby roses and white angel roses. (There will also be a special bouquet for Superstar Filly Eight Belles and a red and white rose and green peppermint for the other Derby Champions buried at Churchill Downs.) Each rose is $5. FOB Jamie Gillispie will, as she has done every year, create a tag with your name and short sentiment to Barbaro or anyone you'd like to honor (human or animal).
If you'd like to have a rose representing your love for Barbaro and all that he has come to represent, personalized with your own tribute message, please let Jamie know on facebook, via her email or here at ABR (if Jamie doesn't see your reply here, I'll pass along to her) how many roses and what messages you'd like to share. No limit on the number of roses with messages!! Here is Jamie's Payment info ~ paypal is
Snail Mail: Jamie Gillispie, 315 Old Hickory Tree Rd, Bristol, Tn 37620
If you'd like to help with cleaning/polishing Barbaro's statue, please stop by anytime after 10am on Saturday April 24th. The roses will be arranged encircling him with our love and remembrances after that labor of love is completed. As Jamie has said from experience, it is an absolute privilege to polish him. It's as close to Barbaro any of us will ever get this side of Heaven. If you are interested in helping with the cleaning/polishing, please contact Jamie. It's definitely an unforgettable and even emotional experience.
Fifteen years have passed since Barbaro won the Kentucky Derby.........let's honor him well this year!
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Exciting update/opportunity for Barbaro Memorial Rose Tribute.
FOBs and all who would like to have a rose placed with a personalized message at the Churchill Downs memorial for the 2006 Kentucky Derby winner, Barbaro. We have been offered a rose tribute "match game"!!! What's that, you ask? Well, for every five dollar rose purchase you make, our anonymous Match Gamer will also make a five dollar purchase - that's double the number of roses with each of your individual donations and, of course, it increases the amount of our ultimate FOB donation to the Barbaro funds and related horse rescues we support each year. The cap amount for matching is $100 so, if twenty of you each buy a rose or ten of you buy two roses each, or five of you buy four roses each this match game would result in 40 roses total and two hundred bucks total for the cause. You get double the impact from each rose purchased!!
Jamie Gillispie will notify the Match Gamer so she knows when her $100 match has been met. (Any amount up to that $100 will be matched.)
Here is Jamie's contact info for rose purchases
Paypal is
Snail Mail: Jamie Gillispie, 315 Old Hickory Tree Rd, Bristol, Tn 37620
You can email Jamie with the message you'd like on your rose tag(s) and with the number of roses you're
purchasing. Email address is:

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