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The Ladies Of Our Mims   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by Weldon54; 253560 views.

From: Mimsforever


FOB's- I am asking for help to raise transport costs to bring my beloved IZA VALENTINE'S grand daughter to KY.

Iza Princess was saved during a huge rescue effort in Bend, Oregon. Poor girl was in very rough shape.

I was aked to take her into OMRH. I can't, though, she is too young and we have a LONG waiting list.

But she needed a home! She is currently being cared for at Equine Outreach. They stepped in to help this large rescue effort.

I asked a friend of mine if he would consider taking Iza Princess. His farm, Ty Stables is about 30 minutes from OMRH. He currently has two horses, one a rescued mustang and the other a tb mare placed there by me.

To my delight, he said yes. I know Iza Princess witkk want for nothing to the end of her days.

But, it isn't fair of me to ask him to foot the bill for transport, too. So I am asking for help.

Donations should be made directly to Equine Outreach and memo-ed for Iza Princess. We need somewhere near $2000.

Donations for Iza Princess transport can be made via Paypal on their website
Donations must be marked "Iza Princess transport to KY"
Or mailing address to:
Equine Outreach Inc.
63220 Silvis Rd,
Bend, OR 97701

As far as who they are and their reputation:

They are also Board Certified by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and a recipient of 2012 grant from Thoroughbred Charities of America.
Equine Outreach work with local law enforcement agencies and the Humane Society of the United States and were chosen by the county and HSUS to take in the Crooks County neglected thoroughbreds of which Iza Princess was one and have provided for her care and rehab until she was able to travel to her lifetime home in Kentucky.
Equine Outreach facilitates the rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and permanent placement of abused, and neglected horses in Deschutes County and Central Oregon. Their goal is to promote equine awareness and to foster community compassion for responsible horse guardianship.

Equine Outreach (EOI) is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization located in Bend, Oregon. Tax ID #51-0484049

From: Mimsforever


Nope, Jamie. no blankets needed! But thanks for thinking of us!


KLB (ghizmatt)

From: KLB (ghizmatt)


Any improvement in Miss Stalwart?



From: LindaVA3


Done!  I hope she can get on the horse bus soon!!



From: LindaVA3


Bumping for bus fare for Iza Princess!!
KLB (ghizmatt)

From: KLB (ghizmatt)


Have you checked Sallie for transport/  Sometimes they give OF a good deal.  Maybe they can help.


Hope you and yours are safetoday.



From: Mimsforever


We have REALLY exciting news! One of our local friends is an Avon representative...Vicky is giving a portion of her sales to the ladies.

Click on the link below...make sure to go to the online, shop, shop!

Avon Representative: Vicky Thomason | 859-234-5094
View Email: mobile | web
Thank you for your partnership! Please contact me if you have any questions. Just have everyone go to my website at and click on online events. That should take them to the Our Mims Event Page and then they just click on Shop Online Event. Hope we can raise a bunch for the girls!