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The Ladies Of Our Mims   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by Weldon54; 250885 views.

From: Mimsforever


We have REALLY exciting news! One of our local friends is an Avon representative...Vicky is giving a portion of her sales to the ladies.

Click on the link below...make sure to go to the online, shop, shop!

Avon Representative: Vicky Thomason | 859-234-5094
View Email: mobile | web
Thank you for your partnership! Please contact me if you have any questions. Just have everyone go to my website at and click on online events. That should take them to the Our Mims Event Page and then they just click on Shop Online Event. Hope we can raise a bunch for the girls!


From: Serebyani


I had the Honor of attending to the Ladies and Gents on Tuesday.
I was happy to help out with barn chores and help relieve Jeanne of some of her work!

I only snapped a few pictures, but these few of Ms. Stalwart turned out well.

I have no idea why I can't post the direct pictures...

Much <3 to The Ladies and Gents- I miss them all already!!
The Haven is really a little slice of Heaven!!

From: Mimsforever


Thank you so much for all your help...we have been worried we gave you sore muscles and blisters!

From: Mimsforever


It is with DEEP REGRET we must report that EQUINE OUTREACH has decided to keep Iza Princess in Oregon.

We just could not raise money fast enough to beat the winter weather...

They promise, how ever, to return all funds donated for her transport.

Please keep Iza Princess in your prayers. We believe her to be safe but we all know that prayers will keep her that way.



From: myheart10


I haven't been here in ages and so happy to see pics of Mamma Stalwart!!!

From: myheart10



I have not been her in ages and I just read about Ms Stalwart:( Is she ok? I am very thankful that you opened your heart to her and gave her her final days with you and the ladies . She is always in my heart..



From: Mimsforever


I am afraid Ms. Stalwart will not be with us very much longer. I had intended to let her go in October but was asked by one of herr favorite people to hold off till she could say good bye.

Poor dear just hurts so much. Nothing we have done eases her pain. Even on 4 grams of bute per day for weeks on end...none of the pain meds have worked.

She is so tired.

I am just waiting till next week and hopefully the weather will cooperate.



From: myheart10



You have given her the best last years of her life I know how hard this decision is I had to make it for My 21 year old QH that had laminites last month. I can't thank you enough for opening up your heart and having that dream. I know I owe you big time and one day I promise I will... My friend Kim and her daughter were there last week so she had informed me. Please give her a huge hug for me. She was a grand broodmare and it was a pleasure to work with her babies and her grand babies.. She will not be forgotten..


KLB (ghizmatt)

From: KLB (ghizmatt)


Please hug Miss Stallwart for me.  I know these have not been easy months for her or you, especially now that winter has come , but she has known love and respect, and we have been blessed to have been a small part of her final years.

 Thank you,