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Started 7/21/12 by KentuckyTB; 292668 views.

From: wishbone


Agreed.  O'Brien definitely kept Camelot covered up too long.  It's a long run-in at Doncaster, but you have to give your horse a chance and work your way out sooner.  He acted like he wasn't in any hurry to work his way outside at all.  Take a look at the winner and see what happens when you time your late run correctly.
Maureen830 (Davis474)

From: Maureen830 (Davis474)


Yeah - and wasn't the winner something like 30-1, too?   Good grief!!





From: trooper2037


Winner's jock rode a great race.   O'Brien rode a very bad race.  First of all, he parked him on the rail and the other jocks kept him covered up.   Kept waiting for him to move outside and give the horse a fair run.   Then when it did open up for some reason he persisited in trying to get thru on the rail.  Finally realized his mistake way too late and checked Camelot to get him outside.   Horse had way too much to do..   Winner is one beautifully striding big horse.    Hard to say if he would have fought off Camelot had Camelot had a decent shot.   Jock is lucky that the saddle didn't slip before the finish line and also lucky that he didn't come off in the gallop out.   

From: SmittyCat3


Yes Mickael ran a great race! And he's really young too (21)
 Encke was traveling down at the rail too. Camelot sat right behind him and angled out when Encke did. From the angle of the video above, it looked like Camelot was following Encke out and was getting clear
At that point, Joseph looked like he was holding him back while Mickael urged Encke and got 3 or 4 jumps on them. But you can't see from that angle whether he had room or not - or if he was just trying to save horse for the last few strides.

"When I saw Camelot on my inside, I preferred to go right a little bit and try to run. My horse was very generous today.
"I kicked (two furlongs out) and asked my horse to go and he answered very quickly. I won very nicely. Today Encke was the best.
"I knew Camelot was behind on the inside and could see he had difficulty navigating. I asked my horse to go and he went very quickly. 
Amy (1pony)

From: Amy (1pony)


No actually Camelot was in the 1 hole and Encke was in the 3 hole. Camelot did not have a great burst of speed he is known for in the stretch, it took Joseph a little bit of time to get him moving, once he excelerated then he was closing fast on Encke but it was too late and the wire was his downfall.
KYsally (kwsally)

From: KYsally (kwsally)


That is exactly what I was thinking!!


From: SmittyCat3


I apologize if I"m not understanding you - we're talking post position, right? Encke was in pp1, Camelot in 7 - or do you mean something else when you say "one hole"


From: LyndaP31


Well, it was an exciting race anyway. I was really hoping he could do it. boy I thought was had it bad with a 35 year drought. they have a 43 year drought. Yikes!

From: Derby132


Some commenting that Camelot not up to his ususal par in today's race, I don't know.  He had a shot at Encke but Encke really got a good break on him and then just kept on with it.  I really can't take anything away from Encke's performance.  Huge kick got him clear.