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$5 WINNER IS......THANK YOU ALL   Dogs and Cats and ...

Started Sep-13 by NWFLAFOB; 184 views.

From: hatchery1



Whew! I got nervous for a second. I was afraid you were ending the club, but I'm really glad that you're not.  It means a lot to me to keep donating to these wonderful rescues, especially when things are so very bad with the economy and people and animals are hurting so much. It just breaks my heart.

Thank you for all you do for us and the rescues!

Tricia K.

Barbaro will lead the way...




Thank you, Tricia!  

I think now more than ever our humble monthly efforts are even more important.  To the dogs and cats who benefit from our donations, to the rescues who are so hard pressed for the resources they need and the stress that causes them, and to those of us who donate each month.  For us, I think it's a helpful psychological boost.  We'd all love to be able to donate a ton of money BUT we can't.  We'd love to be able to control the economy so no one has to struggle but we can't.  Many are concerned a small donation would hardly be worth giving.  But together, together as one the FOBs make a difference each and every month and have for a decade.  Think of all the dogs, cats, and others who have been made safe and comfortable as a result of our monthly "club".  An entire decade's worth!!

So, thank you again!!!  blue_heartgreen_heart


From: hatchery1


Bless you, Linda, and thank you for putting into words exactly how I feel.  A decade of helping the critters, even in a small way, sure does feel good!

Barbaro's legacy lives on.

Tricia K.

Barbaro will lead the way...