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NOVEMBER $5 WINNER IS..............   Dogs and Cats and ...

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Sorry for late post.  We had two stray young dogs show up last night.  Took to vet this morning.  Have been playing
clean up and rearranging things today.  Both 8 months old, likely littermates even though the female weighs 33 pounds and male weighs 14.  We can't figure out what happened for one to appear well cared for, the other ignored.  They were dumped out here in the woods.  Mike bonded quickly with the little male and wanted to keep.  Spending time with them today, he realized the two of them were very bonded and thinks we should keep both.  I found someone out here who wanted the female.  Now that I feel responsible for Sadie (the male is Sam) I'm reluctant to give her away.  Would they breed her?  Do I pay for a spay surgery and then give her away?  We got all their shots - take him back for his rabies when he's gained a little weight.  Vet said on a body scale he is 2 out of 9 - that's pretty bad.   Anyway, I've been up to my armpits in dog poop and dirty linens and vets and.............. oh, they're hound lab mixes with long bloodhound ears.
Sean Casey Animal Rescue has been chosen as our November rescue recipient.  For those who prefer to donate via credit card/PayPal, go to website for that easy link and also their Venmo info.  Paypal gave me a place to identify as FOB Donation.   For snail mail:  153 E. 3 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11218
When notified the rescue responded with grateful thanks for our support.
Please let me know when you've seen and sent.

From: hatchery1


Hi, Linda.

Your post isn't late at all!  I made my $25 donation to Sean Casey Animal Rescue by PayPal. 

Wow, it seems like Sam and Sadie found you and Mike for a reason.  It would be great if they could be together with you, as Sam gets stronger.  I hope you get to keep both of them!  It's heartbreaking that they were abandoned in the woods. It really is so sad that people can be so horrible.  You saved their lives!

Thanks again for this club.  Hope you and all the FOBs have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Tricia K.

Barbaro will lead the way...


From: PattyTx1


Hi Linda,

I just sent my donation by PayPal to the November rescue.  Somehow I missed October's donation, so I am sending it now also.


Thanks again.  The two pups that found their way to you are so cute.  What is wrong with people to just let dogs out in the woods?  No soul, no heart and no humanity.  Oh, and no brains.




Tricia, thank you.

Sam is already picking up weight.  Mike bathed them both - they smelled like they'd been rolling in dead animals! We've had them crated at night in pole barn and moved crates into garage last nite  because of rain.  They barked and howled at first when crated in barn - last night, not a peep.  They run loose in our fenced back yard during the day.  Two older dog are separated and kept in front yard - they spend a lot of time in the house snoozing.  In  person intros have been made with smaller dog, Scooter.  All went well.  Because Gracie, the Catahoula, has an aggressive side, we're taking it slowly but I was impressed with her response yesterday.  Had her harnessed and leashed for control and she didn't go into killer mode as she did when first meeting Goldie.  Maybe because these are relative babies.  We shall see.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, too!




Patty, thank you and thanks for letting me know about October, too!

There are too many people with an irresponsible cruel streak.  They have always existed and with the economy so challenging, there are more incidents of abandoned animals every day.  It truly is heartbreaking and frustrating.  From following many local rescue groups and rescuers, I know the local area animal shelters are all full and not accepting any more.  When people get desperate and have nowhere to turn, they feel justified when they just dump their problems for someone else to handle.  It is disgusting.  But, these two are  safe.


From: cigarello


Hi Linda: just donated: nowhere to indicate I am with FOB

Oh, those doggies knew what house to go to-- they could not have picked any more loving better doggie parents. You are amazing and as you say, so many people are just plain cruel.

Take care





Thank you, Marilyn.


From: DJoAnn


This is one of my favorites!   Donation sent to Sean Casey as an FOB donation.



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Thank you, Jodie!


From: amycapshaw


Hi Linda

I'm catching up now and just sent my donation through PayPal. I've known about this rescue for a while and I'm happy we are supporting them.

Aw, you are such an angel to the animals! These two new pups must feel they have found heaven. Thank you for keeping them safe!