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Welcome to The Legacy Racing Forum!!
(formerly Alex Brown Racing)

Legacy to remember Barbaro who was the reason this came to be, the FOB's (Fans of Barbaro) who led and still do,  voices to many causes over the years,  and honor Alex Brown , who created the forum 8/06/2006 as a way for people to come together to discuss issues about Barbaro, and horse racing, horse rescue and other animal issues.  

Alex has moved back to UK and turned the forum over so we can keep the history, memories but evolve to what the focus is now and in the future. You can continue to follow Alex's work here: Horses: Sports, Culture, and Slaughter

As the Forum evolved over the years, it has dwindled from issues that first drove the forum and has now become more place for horse racing fans to gather and discuss all aspects of racing, good, ugly, etc.  Second to that is Horse/Dog/Cat Rescues 

Most of all it is still a community gathering places for those who are passionate about racing, thoroughbreds, and friendship. We have made many friends over the years who have helped evolved the forum to what it is today!

We welcome everyone to our place, as there are topics for all even those that are not racing fans but love horses, and animals in general.  Just stop by, pull up  a chair and say HI!

This site is a resource, we do not endorse any rescues or organizations in general. 

Site administrators are Mary (MaryLOhio) , Amy (1pony)

No personal attacks, no use of abusive language, copyright rules apply, and you own your own content.

Behavior that is disruptive to the community will not be tolerated.

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