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From: oldmillot11/27/19 6:05 PM 
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Evelyn Glennie does interesting work.... Arf!

Glennie is deaf, and performs barefoot so that she can sense the sound vibrations with her feet... Arf!


From: NISSY (NISSY2) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/28/19 8:16 AM 
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There were a lot of gorgeous females in that orchestra.

And a large collection of exotic musical instruments.

The snare drum part reminded me of the managed chaos in Carl Nielsen's fifth symphony which has a war and peace competition between the orchestra and the drums.

The harbor at Flekkafjord in Norway. (photo by Nissy, June 2019)


From: oldmillot11/28/19 10:16 AM 
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The pup's CD collection is in large measure determined by what stumbles upon at a Thrift Store or a second hand book store. The old mutt has CDs of Nielsen's 1st and 4th symphonies on his shelf, but not the 5th. The hound is a fan of Nielsen and keeps an eye out for his CDs. 

The hound recently stumbled upon a CD of work by Vagn Holmboe. Good stuff with that Scandinavian sound.




From: NISSY (NISSY2) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/28/19 10:33 AM 
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I like the first movement in the 5th but the second one reminds me of clumsy elephants.

The 4th symphony is great but the 3rd is my favorite.

I read that Nielsen is self taught in the violin and composing but it was by somebody commenting on YouTube.

I gave all of my 400 cds to my cousin when we moved to Norway because I can get everything and more on YouTube and I have decent speakers.

Unfortunately, that cousin passed away last year.

The By Fjord at Flekkafjord in Norway. (photo by Nissy, June 2019)

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From: oldmillot11/28/19 12:39 PM 
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Old Millot does not have Wifi. No link from his computer to his stereo system or TV. His RB-5 Klipsch speakers are old but still good, and sound much better than the speakers attached  to his computer. So, when he listens  to music, the hound listens  to his stereo. Old Millot also likes the idea of listening to CDs, as opposed to digital downloads, so that Big Brother can't compile a playlist on the mutt. They want "information", but they are not gonna get it! Arf!


From: NISSY (NISSY2) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/28/19 12:50 PM 
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I suspect that the day will come when YouTube will charge a monthly subscription.
The By Fjord at Flekkafjord in Norway. (photo by Nissy, June 2019)


From: oldmillot11/29/19 5:12 PM 
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Well, the old pooch survived another family Thanksgiving. No gun play! No falling down drunks! And no one upchucked their cookies on the turkey. So, it was pretty much a success. Politics and religion were totally avoided. "Hey, how about them Sooners?", "They came to play!",  etc. 

The pup cooked a casserole of parsnips and pork for Thanksgiving. It looked non-threatening, and it tasted pretty good. But it was odd, and didn't go over well with a crowd who had never previously tasted or had even seen a parsnip. Parsnips are not well known in the red clay country of Oklahoma and as such are looked upon ascance. But the pup likes to present "challenges", even when the "challenges" are not accepted. Arf!

Best to just stick with blackeyed peas and cornbread in this neck of the woods! Arf!

Seasons, they change...

A chilling and rainy Black Friday. The pup visited Walmart this afternoon for a few weekend necessities, and timed it well to avoid the rabid shopping crowds. At least it wasn't cold enough for ice and snow. 

Lot's of desperate folks here in Oklahoma this winter. People just barely hanging on and many losing their grips. Old Millot's nephew teaches in a local rural elementary school. Lots of kids there get free lunches, take food home from school for eating over the weekend, and are dependent on the school providing coats, shoes and an assortment of warm clothes for the winter. Poverty is crushing the rural communities of this state. Poverty plus opioids, meth, booze, and willful ignorance. Arf!

Quoting the Spirit of Christmas Present. 

“They are Man's and they cling to me, appealing from their fathers. This boy is Ignorance and this girl is Want. Beware them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless the writing be erased.”

Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol



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From: NISSY (NISSY2) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/29/19 5:31 PM 
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Oklahoma sounds depressing except for the Sooners.

We had a little ice on the cove of the fjord outside our window. The ice will be gone on Tuesday which is a good thing.

I am alone for a couple of days an nights. My partner decided to share a hotel room with her sister in Oslo as they check out the Christmas markets. I will survive but I do miss my partner.

I tried to pay my editor in New Zealand. He wanted a wire transfer which is always a pain in the neck because I have to fill out a form from my bank and then walk upstairs to scan it on my laptop. Then I have to send an email with the form attached to my bank who then has to call me to ask security questions to see if it was really me who sent the wire request.

I waited five hours for the call and then decided to call them only to find they are closed on Friday after Thanksgiving so New Zealand will have to wait awhile.

Roadside lake in Southern Norway. (photo by Nissy, June 2019)


From: oldmillot11/30/19 12:14 AM 
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Oklahoma is pretty depressing except for Norman. Norman is sort of an oasis. And the pooch's stars were in alignment when he was able to purchase Millot Priory six plus years ago. He found a little oasis within the oasis. The old mutt has plenty to be thankful for. 

Tomorrow is the annual football game between the University of Oklahoma and its cross state rival Oklahoma State University. The game will be played in Stillwater rather than in Norman. A 7:00 pm game. When these football games are played in Norman, the traffic is a colossal mess. It will be a mess in Stillwater, too. But, at least we won't need to fight the football traffic here in Norman. 

The University of Oklahoma is favored to win, but these are blood matches and they are playing in OK State's home stadium. So, OK State has a real shot at winning. 

Old Millot doesn't care for football, and so he won't be watching the football game on TV. The pooch finds football more than just boring. He finds it deeply annoying.It is really irritating to see and hear. Better to watch it with the sound turned off, but it is still a pain. But most folks in the State will be passionately obsessed by the game on Saturday night. Glued to their TV sets. The pup may be listening to classical music, instead. 

Time flies here at Millot Priory. Always oodles for the dog to do. Old Millot never suffers from boredom! 




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