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Always in Pain a forum for those who suffer from Emotional-Physical pain. If you just need to talk, a prayer or someone to pray with you, a blessing, information, or just chit chat to vent. We are a forum of sisterhood of one painful sister to another pai

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Is there anyone who has faced a similar situation ?   all medical news and talk

Started Sep-30 by richard2905; 42 views.

From: richard2905


My brother is a basket ballplayer. He fell during the match and was unable to get up. So his team members took him to the hospital. After taking the X-Ray, the doctor told me that there is a fracture in his knee and needs to undergo surgery. Even though the surgery was successful, he was having pain. Since he was complaining about this pain for several months, we took him for chiropractic treatment. The treatment gave him a sort of comfort and satisfaction. He told the pain had started slowing down. Finally, we called up the chiropractic centre and thanked them for the services rendered by them. Is there anyone who has come across a similar situation? Do share your experiences here.