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Christmas travel   PPR

Started Nov-19 by Knotpicky (RUTA); 55 views.
Knotpicky (RUTA)

From: Knotpicky (RUTA)


I wish! One of the bridge players suggested that, but it only works on trains. Maybe one of these years there'll be train travel over the Atlantic. ;-)

Yes, Christmas will be the families all together, including in-laws this year. Can't remember if I've mentioned it here, we'll have 10 adults and one toddler (Matiss, Bec, and Audra, two sets of grandparents, two sisters with husband/boyfriend) in the holiday cottage on the Devon coast. Then Bec's other sister and toddler daughter will come after Christmas from Australia or Papua New Guinea where they're moving to (minus husband who needs to be at work so not worth flying that far for a long weekend).

How's Linda, doing better?

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, have a fun feast and safe travel.



From: gorddrog


Oh, that sounds nice...if a little crowded.  I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Linda is doing better.  Her pain has been under control with Morphine (fairly low level of slow release drug) and she is able to get around with a walker.  She is scheduled for an Epidural Injection this coming Saturday.  Hopefully, we will then be able to back off on the Morphine if the injection takes over blocking the pain.  She will be happy if it does as she just hates taking drugs.

Enjoy your weekend and drive safe.j