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This forum is for people who love animals. Some people only want dogs or cats as pets. Others like a variety of pets. Let's talk about all pets in all places.

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ALL PETS BIG AND SMALL is a forum for people who love animals and always want to have pets. Some people only like dogs. Some people only like cats. Other people like a variety of animals as pets. Let's talk about all pets in all places.

DoGently Blog: Check out the dog blog, created by ClickNTreat. There is a convenient link in the header right under the forum title. ClickNTreat created this blog to help others find gentle and humane ways to train their dogs. Learn more about the training of her service dog Noelle, who helps ClickNTreat manage her diabetes.

 A Few Simple Forum Rules:   (1) Treat each other with respect, and (2) the selling of commercial products is prohibited, and (3) repetitive posts that only provide a link to another forum or blog will be deleted.

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