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Cat Declawing Ban in Denver Would Be a First Outside California   Cats

Started 10/30/17 by PennyCC; 571 views.

From: ClickNTreat


Glad to hear about the ban. I've never declawed a cat. I read what happens to their paws and decided against it. I clip my cat's nails with a toenail clipper. I have had some ruined furniture, though. I guess I choose to have healthy happy pets rather than nice stuff.


From: PennyCC


I am ashamed to admit that I did declaw one cat. I was living in an apartment and she was scratching up the doors. My vet said it was ok to declaw a cat. I wished he had advised me to get 2 or 3 scratching posts instead. Later in her life, the cat became a biter, I think, because she was declawed.

I would definitely not declaw a cat again.


From: ClickNTreat


I have a cat that's a biter, but he was never declawed. It may have been your cat's personality rather than the surgery. Don't be too hard on yourself. Some old friends of mine were blind. They had all their cats declawed because they couldn't see if their cat was about to swipe them. It's very scary to have a cat scratch you when you can't see it coming. Still, I approve of the ban. I'm with you,. I'd never have a cat declawed, ban or not.

krathyn (Phantom7031)

From: krathyn (Phantom7031)


i work in a shelter where they have strict rules about it-if we have a cat that is already declawed and someone wants a declawed cat we may make that match but in general if someone says they want to declaw the cat we terminate the adoption.

I have never had a declawed cat, i get their toenails clipped monthly and make sure they have scratching posts of their own.

From what i have seen with declawed cats, many of them do bite, they can have litter box problems and they can show signs of pain when they walk even long after the surgery has been done.

This ban has been a long time coming, we need to have laws like this everywhere.