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FEATURED RABBIT: Polish   Other Mammals

Started 11/11/17 by PennyCC; 529 views.

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11 Nov 2017

The fur of the Polish is very short and shiny, as though it has been polished - hence the name (although 'Polish' is pronounced as if it was derived from Poland).

Origin:  Europe
Life Span:  5-8 years
Weight:  Ideal is 2.5 lbs, may weight as much as 3.5 lbs.

Polish rabbit Lil Blast Plays in Snow

Lil Oreo Blast plays in the snow for the first time.

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Coat Colors of Polish Rabbit

There are six varieties of Polish rabbit coat color/markings that are accepted by the ARBA. They are: Ruby-Eyed White (REW), Black, Blue, Chocolate, Blue-Eyed White (BEW) and Broken pattern (which is any color mixed with white). [Petguide]

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The American Polish Rabbit vs. The British Polish Rabbit

The British and American Polish rabbit are different from each other.

The British Polish is the original rabbit, in which The American Polish has its roots, and was developed from mixed breeds of small wild rabbits, crossed with the Albino Dutch and Silvers.

The Polish rabbit is believed to have originated in England during the mid to late 19th century with the first known entries of display being 1884 in Hull, Yorkshire, England.

... the American Polish have small rabbit genes from other breeds, mixed in, such as the Netherland Dwarf.

In America, the British Polish rabbit is referred to "Britannia Petite" for the reason, that when the English breed was accepted into The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), there was already the American Polish, so the English Polish was renamed "Britannia Petite".

The American Polish rabbit is also known as the "Little Aristocrat" and is a popular show and exhibition rabbit. 

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Is the Polish Rabbit good with children?


Most believe that smaller rabbits are best suited for families with young children, as the rabbit is still small, cuddly and adorable well into its adult years. However, the smaller the rabbit, the easier it is for children to drop them and accidentally hurt them, so we do not recommend this rabbit breed for small children despite their excellent disposition. Their docile, affectionate nature is wonderful for singles, couples, seniors or for families with children old enough to understand how delicate rabbits are.

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