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FEATURED CRITTER: Pink Fairy Armadillo   Other Critters

Started 11/13/17 by PennyCC; 383 views.

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FEATURED CRITTER:  Pink Fairy Armadillo

13 Nov 2017

The pink fairy armadillo is 90–115 mm (3.5–4.5 in) long, and typically weighs about 120 g (4.2 oz). This species is the smallest living armadillo and is among the least known. [Wikipedia]

First up, the pink fairy armadillo–its actual name. It doesn't have wings and can't cast spells and stuff like a real fairy, but it does have a rosy shell that acts like a radiator. By pumping blood in and out of it, the armadillo can raise or lower its core temperature.

Before J. M. Barrie introduced us to the charmingly cranky and vindictive Tinker Bell, fairies had traditionally been cast as vicious scoundrels hell-bent on stealing your kids and tearing up that lawn you paid so much money for. Today the fairy is a decidedly more whimsical, endearing creature, and nowhere is it more legendary than in the deserts of Argentina.

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Animals you didn't know Exist : Pink Fairy Armadillo

Pink Fairy Armadillo - An amazing animal you might don't know exist! The pink fairy armadillo or pichiciego is the smallest species of armadillo, first descr...