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How do you come up with your pet's name?   Pet Talk

Started 11/18/17 by PennyCC; 2764 views.

From: PennyCC


I had two rabbits once and I named them Abbott and Costello because those were famous "dual" names.  Unfortunately, Costello died young of some mysterious illness, so the remaining bunny had his name extended to Abbott the Rabbit!!!

It is sometimes easy and other times hard to come up with a name for a pet. The breeder of one of my dogs, a Portuguese Water Dog who was one of 12 puppies born just before Christmas, came to us with the name Dasher (named after the Reindeer). Try as we would we could not think of a better name for our dog. So Dasher he remained.

We saw the name Dakota on a billboard sign driving back from Minnesota to pick up our poodle. It was about the Dakota Indians.  So our poodle was named Dakota.

We made up the name Neeka for our PWD.  It was a phonetic spelling of the end of the name of a previous dog:  Dominica (nica = neeka).  So our dog Neeka has a unique name that is not usually found in a list of suggested names for pets.

How did you come up with the names of your pets?

krathyn (Phantom7031)

From: krathyn (Phantom7031)


all of my animals have had "human" names and my current cat is Makenna-many think that is feminine but  he is a little boy.

George, Emmy, David and Chrissy were my other cats- George and Makenna were named by someone else, David was named because of the misprint on his paperwork (and avid search for owner) since it looked like the avid was connected to a D and David just seemed like a good name for him) Chrissy was a variation on Kitty Cat and became Christofer Robin, Kitty Cat?

Emmy was originally an Angel in the shelter I adopted her from, but I soon discovered she was no Angel. Maybe she was looking for an Emmy award.

Three dogs, a German Shepherd named Andy (this was a girl with a boy's name), Alex,a #### a poo, and a silky terrier Beagle mix whose name on records was Buster but we always called him Puppy Love who was so cute.

in fact most of them got called other things besides what they were officially named.


From: Teresa23


The first cat adopted us. She was all gray and would blend in the shade. So we named her Shadoe. Then she had 2 kittens one named Ebony because he was black and like to sleep on my synthesisor. His brother Ivory who was black and white did the same.

Then when Ivory was adopted and renamed Max and Ebony went to the bridge we adopted  Maschera from a co worker. She had a face that looked like a Carnavale mask.

Then when both Maschera and Shadoe went to the bridge. we went to the animal shelter and adopted a cat. As we were leaving someone dropped a box by the door that had a cat in it. We brought it back in and adopted it on the spot. We named the first cat Liberty and the second Freedom. Liberty was very mean to Freedom To the point where we were ready to rename her Mademuazelle Thernardier. But then Freedom disapeered.

After that we got Starr who had a what looked like a star on her eye, Who gave birth to 4 kittens. Gray cat named Smokey, A big orange cat named Bruizer. A sweet orange cat named Blondye and their baby sister Coppye because she was the only girl. Smoky, Bruizer and Blondye were adopted.

Then a friend of our had to leave his cats behind when he moved. So we acquired Peanut who was the runt of the litter(but you wouldn't think that now)and Diva who insisted on having her own bowl and litter box,

Starr ran away and Diva went to the bridge. So now we have Liberty, Coppye and Peanut. Also 2 turtles one named Flan because my Son in law won him in a Flan eating contest and the other Cheryl because we found out she was a girl and gave her a girls name. 

We also have a rabbit named Roger in honor of the movie.


From: PennyCC


I really like the originality of the names you have had for your pets. My particular favorites are Makenna and Maschera. Perhaps I like names starting with "M" and didn't realize it.

I just remembered a cat I had many moons ago. She was a stray found in a field of cattails. So I named her Cattails, but I usually just called her Cat. When someone criticized me for a lack of imagination in naming her, I said her name was really Cattails, but I thought it was funny to call a cat "Cat."


From: ClickNTreat


2013 was a hard year for our family. My 91-year-old mother-in-law fell in late April and broke her wrist. She moved to a nursing home and passed way in July on my daughter's birthday. On Halloween, my favorite cousin died of cancer, he was 44. Fifteen minutes after coming home from my cousin's memorial service, I was at the vet, having our 16-year-old cat put to sleep. 2013 was the year of death. It was just so dark and so hard on our family. We needed fresh air and sunshine in our lives.

The next day after our cat died, we got some rescued twin barn kittens and named them Fresh Air and Sunshine. The were, and are, exactly what we needed to lift our home out of darkness. Fresh Air is on the left and Sunshine is on the right.

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From: Greg_LC


Most of the cat names have something to do with FOOD !!!!!!!

Cracker "Jack"
Kirby, - Because he eats like a Vacuum cleaner
"Stella" Artois
"Charlie" Tuna










From: PennyCC


Love those names! I think my favorite is Kirby because of the vacuum cleaner.


From: Greg_LC


PennyCC said...

Love those names! I think my favorite is Kirby because of the vacuum cleaner.


Kirby should weigh 50lbs by what he eats.  He's one of the cats that will only eat canned food.  No dry for him.


From: PennyCC


You could put a lot of captions to that picture of Kirby.

Like, "Really? Dry food? You have to be joking. Please do not mention it again."


From: DarkestWolf


My first dog was named Sissy because I wanted a little sister, I was 3 when I picked her out. (I got two sisters by the way and one little brother)

Sissy was a German Shepherd I got from my fiancé's grandmother of course she was only a toddler at the time but it is funny how that worked out.

My first cat came from my grandmother she was Tippatina after a song my grandfather liked. Tina for short.

The next dog I got was in middle school when Sissy became my sisters dog much to my chagrin. He was a Belgian Sheepdog named Maurice.

Maurice became my youngest sisters dog. LOL Tina stayed my cat until she passed away.

Then I got Darkest and Wolf a black stray kitten and a Black sable German Shepherd. I got my little brother a puppy recently not going to lose Wolf.