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Need suggestions for doggie booties   Dogs

Started 11/30/17 by PennyCC; 448 views.

From: PennyCC


Winter is fast approaching and I wonder if anyone has a recommendation for boots for dogs. I have tried several brands in the past but with limited success.  It is funny to watch your dog do the high step when they have boots put on them in your living room, but it is not fun to have a boot come off in the middle of a walk on sidewalks with snow and salt.

Right now my PWD Neeka has a pad injury. Part of the pad on her left front foot was cut and it has formed a hard almost rock-like nub. I am trying to apply pad moisturizer but so far have not made much difference in the hard damaged area. This is one reason that I am interested in getting a boot for her, either to put on after I apply the moisturizer or to protect her from damaging it further while walking on sidewalks this winter.

So does anyone have suggestions for repairing a damaged pad damage or a recommendation on booties for dogs?

Neeka the wavy Portuguese Water Dog

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From: PennyCC


I have not found the right booties for my dog Neeka yet, but I am moisturizing her pad where is it damaged with bag balm.  I don't know if it will help, but we will see.

I am also trying to ground down the very hard damaged part of her pad with a grinder that people use to get rid of callus on their feet.  I will let you know if I have any luck with this. Fortunately, Neeka is holding still for me to treat her paw -- maybe the bits of turkey I have sitting near her is helping with that.


From: DarkestWolf


A friend of mine has dog sled racing team they are hard on their feet he is out of town right now but I would check some dog sled sites for boots and medications for feet.  Bag balm is good but they might have something that would be better. Some smaller huskies have tiny feet so you might find something in your dogs size there. I am not sure how big your dog is not familiar with the breed,


From: PennyCC


I just measured Neeka's paw. It is a little over 2-1/2 inches from the front of her nail to the back of her pad.

I just seen some booties that have a hard rubber bottom to them.  I can see how that would give a lot of protection outside but if the bottom were to slide around, which could happen, then it might be very uncomfortable for the dog. So I am looking for something not quite so sturdy as those types of booties.