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Mongolian languages - Altaic language group.   Heated Discussions

Started 23/8/20 by Gonghis (GonghisKhan); 485 views.

Great report with open wide knowledge and we'll explained!

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What Genghis Khan's Mongolian Sounded Like - and how we know

30 Oct 2018 NativLang

Genghis Khan? Or Chinggis Khaan? Maybe Khagan? History's most famous conqueror kept many secrets. Yet with some clever linguistic investigation, we can reanimate the sounds of his language.

ADDLER (DitmarP)

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I heard that the Armenian language derives from the Mongolians dialect basis language... 

Armenian language derives from the Mongolians

Throughout the time period of the later Crusades (1250s to 1260s), there was a short-lived Armenian-Mongol alliance, engaged in some mutual military operations against their common enemy, the Mamluks.  Christian-Mongol alliance against Mamluk Islam, backed notably by Hayton of Corycus, was ignored by the Latin powers in the Levant, leading to the demise of the European Crusader States and the crash of the Crusades as a whole.

ADDLER (DitmarP)

From: ADDLER (DitmarP)


Very intesting -- something I look forward to explore within historical books