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The State Of The Economy   An Arm and a Leg

Started 11-Apr by polinious; 327 views.

From: polinious


In today’s economic environment, Americans seem to be in a constant state of restlessness and frustration. We have never fully recovered from the financial pain brought on by the health crisis in 2020. And even though we’re only four months in 2022, we’re already on the edge of a recession again. 

15 Signs That The Americans Have Begun Freaking Out About The State Of The Economy

Mar 31, 2022

Epic Economist

The economy is slumping at a very fast speed while the price of virtually everything continues to explode. From food to gasoline, electronics to furniture, energy to housing – everything is significantly more expensive, and U.S. consumers are getting fed up with the effects of soaring inflation. Our supply chains are still a complete and total mess. Shortages are causing severe market distortions and consumer demand continues to outstrip the system’s capacity of producing more supplies. 

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From: polinious


With all that in mind, it’s understandable why every new poll, survey, and measure of consumer sentiment shows that our population is becoming incredibly pessimistic about the future of our nation. Millions of hard-working Americans that have given everything they’ve got to build a comfortable lifestyle for themselves and their families are now seeing their standard of living declining more and more with each passing month as the cost of living rises but wages remain stagnant. Workers that have done everything right their entire lives are now realizing they may never be able to purchase a home, and that they’ll probably never get the chance to retire.

Labor conditions are so bad right now nearly 4 million burned-out workers have simply quit their jobs over the past 12 months, citing low pay, no opportunities for advancement, and a growing feeling of disrespect. The U.S. population is extremely anxious about their finances this year. Many people are trying to figure out how in the world they’ll be able to pay their mortgage, afford all of their monthly bills and still put three meals on their tables for each member of their families every day.


From: Graziellen


Being under the lefty's control brings hardships!


From: AuntBetsie


Overwhelming gluttony, irresistible dishonesty, lack of ethical behaviour, and sincerity has been in decline this is what gets down the utmost of nations.


From: Guard101


The economy was doomed for the past decades, since Bush's war quest!


From: Bab6s


The manipulation of the stock market will be considered a crime if you are poor, but it will be considered cool if you are rich.



From: SasBun


They Lied | The Dollar Crisis Just Got Worse

The latest inflation numbers in the United States come to 8.5 percent,



From: Petulance


It's a major concern around the world; indeed it has hit  tremendous price rises - and of course the US might actually get a vision and eventually begin finding out who is to blame!