AS And Their Partners

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Our goal is to deal with the things that make our relationships difficult, celebrate those things that make our relationships great, and to see what we can do to overcome differences.

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AS and their Partners
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This is a semi-private forum for people with Asperger's Syndrome (or those with related issues) and their Partners to try to learn from each other how to cope, support and to better our relationships. Whether it's marital, girl/boyfriend, parent/child, siblings, co-workers or just friendships all related topics are welcome!

This place is here to deal with the things that make our relationships difficult and to try to see what we can do to overcome our differences. It's also a place for us to have fun and celebrate the good things that make our relationships so unique!

What we are not:  We are not a forum for venting frustrations or complaining about your partner for the sake of venting and commiserating. We are not a shoulder for you to cry on because you are unhappy in your relationship. There are other forums that cater to that need.

What we will do is help you find ways to improve your relationships. Our goal is to help find solutions to the issues that arise due to Aspergers being in the mix. Inside the forum we try to maintain a friendly, positive, safe environment for both AS and NT individuals to interact and share information, tips and support.

Neither our staff nor our members are professional therapists. We are here to offer support and friendship, share experiences and ideas about things that have worked and have not worked for us. These are only the opinions of the poster, not professional advice.

Because we discuss issues of a personal nature, the forum has a public folder for introductions and requests for access.

So please stop in, join us and share some of your thoughts, stories, and tips about your relationship(s)! Please keep in mind that we may not share the same views about all the different topics we may encounter. So, let's remember to be supportive of each other and our differences. I  hope everyone finds this forum friendly and informative!