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Do Aliens Know About Us?   General Discussion

Started 9/15/15 by Cstar1; 585 views.
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From: kervonn


There's no doubt Aliens are frequently visiting earth.  I witnessed a large flying saucer that traversed the night sky at incredible speed.  Another person with me also saw it.  The next day we drew pictures of what we remembered seeing and they were almost identical.  I'm fairly certain how they are able to cover the vast distances in the universe unhindered by the speed of light -- 186,241.7 miles per second in a vacuum.  If they were limited to this "snails pace" velocity it would take them forever to get anywhere.

When Einstein came up with his theory of relativity he overlooked one very important fact.  Take too long to explain, but THINK about it !  Really not that hard to figure.

Happy stargazing...


From: Georgy14d


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I would agree with the "within 50-100 lightyears" radius. Whether they're inside that "sphere" and whether they know to care...?