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Torture rife on Jerusalem streets   Africa and the Middle East

Started 10/15/19 by BerrySteph; 206 views.

From: BerrySteph

Police officers patrolling the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Isawiyah, August 2017. Emil Salman

Provoking Jerusalem's Palestinians 'For Nothing': Cop's Recording Sheds Light on 'Screwed Up' Policy

Israeli officers heard in a body camera video complaining about disputed operation in East Jerusalem neighborhood of Isawiyah, aimed at 'causing more problems'

Oct 13, 2019 - Israeli police officers in the East Jerusalem Palestinian neighborhood of Isawiyah were caught on camera complaining that there was no purpose to an ongoing police operation in the neighborhood, highly criticized by community leaders, other than deliberately provoking the residents.

The video footage, which was seen by an Israeli court during a hearing on charges pressed against a resident for throwing stones, shows one policeman telling his colleague: “It’s really provoking them for nothing. Why do this on purpose?”

During the entire course of the summer, the Jerusalem District Police carried out daily wide-scale raids in Isawiyah, entering the East Jerusalem neighborhood in the afternoon on patrol, setting up roadblocks and stopping motorists and passersby for inspection and then going back in at night to arrest residents.

More than 350 residents of Isawiyah have been arrested, including 11 in the early morning on Sunday, but charges were pressed only against about ten of them. 

... “How can someone stand facing children and pointing a weapon at their body? In a country ruled by law, this deliberate disruption of their lives has to be stopped. How can this be stopped? Through court rulings, through fearless statements by the court,” the defendant’s lawyer said.

... The prosecutor in Mustafa’s case, Doreen Haim, told the court that police officers seen in the video had misspoken: “There are no grounds for taking one momentary statement of a witness who later recanted. Just as the thoughts of defendants are not punished, the same is true regarding policemen who had a slip of the tongue.”

Magistrate’s Court Judge Yaron Mientkavich accepted the defendant’s position in part and said he would take the video into consideration while sentencing the defendant. Mustafa was sentenced to seven and a half months in prison, which is considered relatively lenient in such a case, considering the fact he had previously been convicted of similar offenses.

... Over a period of years, testimony has accumulated suggesting that the police in Jerusalem have acted to increase friction with residents of the neighborhood.

In Kan public television’s reality series “Jerusalem District,” one officer, Erez Hazan, who was in a scene in which a weapon was planted in the home of an Isawiyah neighborhood, is seen saying: “There’s a procedure that is beginning to be carried out. They’re beginning to apply a bit of pressure in entering and leaving [the neighborhood] to provide the option that someone would make some kind of mistake.”

After Haaretz reported that the gun had been planted at the home of Samar Sleiman, the Kan public broadcaster cancelled the series and all of the episodes of the series were removed from its website.