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Anti-Semitism   Religion

Started 11/8/19 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 10673 views.
Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)



From: bml00


What's New?

What goes around comes around and anti Jewish Hatred is as old as the Hills



From: bml00


On May 24, a Jewish cemetery was vandalized in the city of Bordeaux, France. On May 26, Germany’s government anti-Semitism Commissioner warned Jewish men against wearing the kippah in public following a spike in attacks against Jews. On May 28, the United Kingdom’s national human rights institution launched a formal investigation into anti-Semitism within the Labour Party, including whether the party has unlawfully discriminated against, harassed, or victimized people because they are Jewish.

The evidence of rising anti-Semitism in Europe has become impossible to ignore.


From: BerrySteph


Jenifer (Zarknorph) said:

An 89-year-old Holocaust survivor is placed under police protection after receiving threats from far-right fanatics highlighting concern about rising extremism in Italy.

Sounds like more unpleasant nationalist propaganda masquerading as news (as you can hardly deny appears in our news all the time).

Tell us what Italians are taught in school - does a puppet government portray them as the bad guys?

Even when, under a fascist dictator and fighting on the side of Hitler, they treated their Jews much better than in so-called "Allied" France?

I could understand why people might bitterly resent that.

She has dedicated much of her time in recent years to visiting schools to recount the horrors of the Holocaust and was named a life senator in 2018.

Maybe patriotic Italians have noticed the utter and complete lack of "Quality Control" of Holocaust Memoirs.

Two of the published memoirs (one of them still in print!!!) were written by Christians (Defonseka and Wilkomirski) - the authors were never even in Germany, let alone in the camps.

There are 8 or 10 such memoirs that have been deliberately written to decieve - nobody ever prosecuted. Some of them are pornographic, some racist.

I recently found another of these complete inventions deceitfully sold as genuine by Amazon:

... I once was a teaching assistant in a class called Perspectives on the Holocaust, and one of the assigned readings was Cynthia Ozick’s short story “The Shawl”, a riveting narrative about two daughters and their mother in a concentration camp. My class was shocked to learn during our discussion that “The Shawl” was fiction and not memoir, and Ozick herself was not a survivor – born and raised in New York City, no personal or family Holocaust experience. 

The class’s reaction was: How DARE she write about the Holocaust when she hadn’t experienced it herself? How dare anyone create Holocaust fiction when some deny that it actually happened? 

The book of short story “The Shawl” is here - - and Amazon describe it as "A devastating vision of the Holocaust and the unfillable emptiness it left in the lives of those who passed through it."

Now then - tell me - is the Holocaust Industry in the business of inciting disbelief and Holocaust Denial?

Why else would they be so dishonest - rising to criminal - on so many levels?

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From: BerrySteph


bml00 said:

The evidence of rising anti-Semitism in Europe has become impossible to ignore.

That's what you want, BM. You're very busy inciting it.

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From: BerrySteph


bml00 said:

When are we going to see the prosecution and severe punishment of vicious people like this who paint swastikas on their own doors in order to destroy the lives of innocents?

Jewish student caught painting Swastikas on her own door then claiming Anti-Semitic Attack

Published on 3 Jul 2010

After 426,150 views it looks like YouTube will be removing this video.

Dear 91177info,

This is to notify you that we have received a privacy complaint from an individual regarding your content.....

Listen to it: "the university just wants to see her get some help." 

Without the hidden camera, the university could have wasted tens of thousands of dollars on security for protests, minority "outreach", and "sensitivity training".

Then wrecked the career of some complete innocent.

This girl should have been expelled and charged with filing a false statement to police not "given help".


From: BerrySteph


Jenifer (Zarknorph) said:

Is this offensive? HuffPost Australia Scholar Believes He's Found Loophole That Allows Jews To Eat Bacon It's a controversial take.

Not sure why you suggest its offensive - other than to religious maniacs (who mostly have nothing to do with the impending Holocaust II of most of the Muslims of the world).

Professor Robert Gnuse, who teaches at Loyola University’s religious studies department, believes that the dietary rules presented in Leviticus weren’t meant for all followers of Judaism. The verse, found in chapter 11 of Leviticus, states: 

“And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be clovenfooted, yet he cheweth not the cud; he is unclean to you.”

Many Jews have followed this dietary law for thousands of years, believing they were forbidden from eating pork.

But in a recent article in Haaretz, an Israeli media outlet, Gnuse speculated that the rules specific to food and clothing in Leviticus were meant for priests, not followers. He believes that sometime during the Babylonian exile, someone told the Jewish people to follow all of the rules in Leviticus to bring them closer together as a community. 

Gnuse’s theory differs from many traditional scholars. Professor James Watt, who teaches religion at Syracuse University, told Haaretz that the rules found in Leviticus were meant for everyone. 

But its nonsense. 

For reasons I've already posted you.


From: adwil


BerrySteph said:

"recently found another of these complete inventions deceitfully sold as genuine by Amazon:"

Ozick's short story was clearly labeled as FICTION when the New Yorker published it in 1980.

Amazon lists it under fiction

So your complaint isn't justified.