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Started 11/8/19 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 17723 views.

From: BerrySteph


Jenifer (Zarknorph) said:

You lost me at "I can defend Assad".

He was/is a dictator - but he's a secular dictator. Syria was not a hell-hole - even though it was groaning under the weight of a huge number of Palestinian refugees. Assad protected minorities.

Assad survived - because the entire administration and all the police are invested in his secular regime. He sent girls to school, compare that with your friends the Saudis.

Our attempts to get rid of him have (100% predictably!) caused a huge explosion in crime and an appalling disaster on all of his people and all the people who make society run.

Remember what Ed Husain, now a top government advisor on handling extremism, said:

... Working for the British Council in Saudi Arabia was a radically different experience from my time in Syria.

Students in Syria were intellectually engaged with current affairs and progress in science and technology, brought up subjects for discussion in class, and enjoyed comparing Western culture with Arab traditions.

Moreover, British Council managers in Syria fully understood and helped realize the raison d'etre of the Council: to promote modem Britain in all its diversity. Thus gay and Asian teachers, for example, were welcomed and supported.

In Saudi Arabia I felt as though I were working for a Saudi organization, not a British one. Nepotism, corruption, sexism, and racism were tolerated because we could not be seen to offend 'local culture'.

Why is the British Council in Syria more boisterous than its counterpart in Saudi, when we consider Syria to be part of the 'axis of evil', and Saudi Arabia an 'ally' in the fight against terrorism?

This is a Zionist enforcer in another Forum stating the obvious, the Saudi culture is nasty whereas the Iranian one (so far, before we destroy it) is charming.

Just think of [Saudi Arabia] as Beardy Headchopper Central.

Is it just a coincidence that the perfect caliphate that IS wanted to build seems a lot like Saudi Arabia?

Everyone I know who has travelled to Iran says what an interesting place it is and how interesting and friendly the people are. I've never heard similar tributes from the ones who spent time in Saudi Arabia.

So the US and the UK has befriended a very dictatorial and very repressive regime - I think its the worst on earth.

We've sided with the bad guys against two sets of (slightly) good guys!

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Can I comment?

Secular dictator? Nice 'euphemism', if that's the right description.

You know who else were secular dictators? Augusto Pinochet and Rafael Videla et al. They killed Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Agnostics, etc. Religion didn't matter as long as they're Communist, Socialists, Labor Union members, just plain PITA to them.

Should I add François Duvalier, Rafael Trujillo and the Somoza Clan?

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From: bml00


The Assad clan have slaughtered their own people relentlessly over the last 50 or so years 

There is no possible Defense of any tyrant least of all scum such as Assad

Today there are somewhere between 500,000 to 600,000 dead in Syria as Assad fights to retain his brutal grip and millions now displaced ,Syria is now a failed state .

Lets make Assad also an Emperor like his distant brother another brutal leader KYU



From: bml00


You can’t make up the shit Berry creates 



From: BerrySteph


MEDDLY said:

Augusto Pinochet and Rafael Videla et al. They killed Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Agnostics, etc. Religion didn't matter as long as they're Communist, Socialists, Labor Union members, just plain PITA to them.

Pinochet seems to have done terrible long-term damage to Chile.

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From: BerrySteph


bml00 said:

You can’t make up the shit Berry creates 

There are secular dictatorships - Assad and Saddam. (Not Gaddafi however.)

Then there are religious democracies - Israel being worse than Iran.

But then you've repeatedly run away from my "convivial pictures" challenge, haven't you?

Show me pictures of any top Zionist in relaxed
and convivial company with any Palestinians.

Something equivalent to Ahmadinejad,
for instance.

I've asked this repeatedly and, so far, the only
thing any of the other hasbarists has achieved
is Weizmann with Faisal in 1920!




Meanwhile, here is a picture of Netanyahu
and Abbas:

Can you see the difference between this picture
and the picture above? ->

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


Another hijacked thread

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From: bml00


You are dealing with a well defended individual who like all such Tyrants are paranoid about their security , it would be safe to assume things are not right with the fat jerk