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Fictional allegory - Light and Dark Green Martians   Fun and Games

Started 11/9/19 by Harold27Z; 151 views.

From: Harold27Z


This is the draft of a fictional allegory about Light Green Martians (LGMs) and Dark Green Martians (DGMs).

Chapter 1
LGMs blessed primitive areas with circular wheels, agriculture and civilized infrastructure (eg roads by Cecil Rhodes, cities, harbours etc).
Resentful DGMs harboured an inferiority complex.

Chapter 2
PC LGMs proclaimed the theory of equality and encouraged DGMs to harbour resentfully conscious ingratitude.
LGMs were accused of stealing immovable prime land, (previously swamp).  No doubt, the land was relocated using bulldozers and JCB digger-loaders.
DGMs failed to back-up their land claims with maps, title deeds, farm-fence boundaries, border fortifications, outposts and look-out posts.

Chapter 3
Most DGMs were happy as a pig in Palestine until told otherwise by LGM preachers and missionaries.
The word "dignity" was missing from DGM linguistic vocabularies so it was borrowed from LGMs.

Chapter 3.5
Instead of joining DGMs in their cess-pits of squalor, the LGMs chose a different lifestyle.
Disparities between the traditional DGM and non-traditional LGM lifestyles caused "offence".
DGMs also borrowed the word "offence" because they even lacked a word for a "fence" demarcating title-deed boundaries.

Chapter 4
DGMs insisted it was justifiable for them to acquire land by genociding previously occupying DGMs (Mfecane).
However, it was criminal for LGMs to copy-cat them, despite the theory of equality.
Nor was it deemed fair for LGMs to settle areas made empty by inter-DGM wars.
DGMs borrowed the word "independence" then demanded it without absorbing its true, but abstract meaning.

Chapter 5
For the next billenium, the expelled LGMs were blamed for every cock-up including, but not limited to, the economy, corruption, infrastructure etc.

Chapter 6
The end.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


I don't know what this game is.