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America and AMERICA    America - all of it

Started Nov-9 by Harold27Z; 226 views.

From: Harold27Z


The US is not even a country.   It is merely a corporation.  

There is a world of difference between

 a) the united states for America.


Originally it was the 13 United Estates of America - wherein White slavery aka "indentured labour" prevailed for 200 years akin to Australia.

This heavy-duty link clarifies all you need to know:

Federal laws are only lawful within the boundaries of D.C. and federal military compounds.

Not even the private offshore IRS corporation can identify the law making you liable for federal income tax because it was NOT RATIFIED by the required number of states.

I heard that if you buy property in the US, the title deeds describe the "owner" as the "TENANT".

Fail to pay local municipal taxes and you will soon find out you are NOT the true "owner".  The state has a lien over your property.

The true owner is a foreign queen whose real name is Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

If America won the war for independence in 1776, pray tell why were Brit red-coat troops on American soil 19 years later ? Simple, to ensure taxes were paid to the monarchy.

Two hundred years later, 1976,  America hypocritically howled for blood when Rhodesia copycatted with their "Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI)".

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Corporations have had more power than countries for a while now.

Pharmaceutical companies have more control over what you pay at a hospital than any government department could hope for.

A handful of banks in the US cause more global economic chaos in 2008 than any world war.

And the Koch brothers did everything they could to halt any research into the fossil fuel industry's effect on the climate.


From: RGoss99


There is a related problema in the uneducated ignorance of the American population using code words such as: nation, country, state.

The U.S. is a federal state composed of federal regions (misnamed states, whch they are not). The U.S. is not a nation but a collection of varios nationalities. It is a country in the sense of having territory, but the Word "country" has so many meanings, that it requires context to understand its meaning.

Specificly country means territory, nation means people with a common heritage, language, culture, and state means a sovereign entity.


From: BerrySteph


RGoss99 said:

Specificly country means territory, nation means people with a common heritage, language, culture, and state means a sovereign entity.

I put it to you that the word "nation" has been hijacked for a use its never had before.


From: RGoss99


slight language problem with the word "before" when one does not define "before when" Israel was a nation long before the state was created. The English of the U.K. often refere to the latter as a nation, thus discounting the Irish, Welsh, and Scottish nations. the same with France re the Occitans, and one problem with the Spanish staate, which is made up of 4 nations, of which only one is Spanish. Franco attempted to create a spanish nation by suppressing the Basques and Catalans, and to some extent the Galegos, the extent of which is why there is such strong separatist movements in Catalunya and the Basque provinces. There are few states in the world that do not have a problem with the disassociation between the concept of state and nation. The Kurds are a nation divided by the west into becomming parts of 4 states. The straight lines found in the Near East, and African states pretty much ignore the nations they divide. 

One of the reasons I am apposed to Brexit and the like is tat the misuse of the term nationalism as referring to states, ignores that of nations, and as in the case of Scotland, membership in the E.U. has allowed it to thwart some of the ambitions of the English ominate state. This move for national self determination with the influence of the E.U. has allowed greater autonomy to the Sicilians, Corsicans, Sicilians, and Bretons. On paper the Spanish constitution by calling its regions autonomous, when this is not the attitude of Madrid, is another example of the confusion in some minds.