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The UK suddenly awash with cover-up   The U.K and Europe

Started 11/11/19 by BerrySteph; 144 views.

From: BerrySteph


People will have noticed that I sometimes bang on about the problem of cover-ups in the US.

However, all of a sudden it appears we're having American-style cover-ups, as we've almost never had before.

A major inquiry concerning corruption by Boris Johnson and his American girl-friend has been put on ice until after the election. Search for "Jennifer Arcuri" and tell me whether that looks suspicious.

And a major report concerning Russian interference in the Brexit election seems to being held back until after the election. Dominic Grieve is the Chairman of the Committee protesting this refusal to publish according to rules.

Both of these cases must be very worrying and could allow a very unsuitable man become our PM and immediately do us lots of harm.