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Appearances   World Wide WTF?

Started Dec-7 by Harold27Z; 390 views.

From: Harold27Z


Why do women wear jewellery ?  Is it supposed to turn ugliness into beauty ?

Why plaster themselves with make-up ?  Do they reckon it turns me on ?  Well it sickenizes me big time.  I prefer natural beauty not ugliness.  I don't want their goo all over me.

Likewise with tattoos.  What's wrong with the White skin God gave people that it needs inky enhancements ?


From: RGoss99


Obviously you might have a valid point, but why limit it to women?

Throughout history people of both sexes have always added things to their naked bodies to communicate something.

The fact that you may not approve to specific additions could say some things about you. 1. you don´t understand the message, 2. you do understand the message but disagree with it. 

Here is a rather simple example, where I live my attire blends in with the local population. sandals, t-shirt, levis. I travel a lot, dressed the same because it is comfortable, carrying whatever "costume" elements possibly needed in my luggage. Last Christmas I traveled to an event by getting on a plane, attending, and returning by plane that night. No luggage so i wore a suit, tie, shoes and socks. I usually travel with the same air line, and noticed hw much better I was treated on this occasion. The message I was communicating to the staff is that the regular me in levis is less inmportant then the me in a suit.

Why do cops and the military have uniforms, and these uniforms have varios symbols? 

If you believe in democracy, while you are free to judge what others do to decorate their body, you have no status when it comes to acting on your judgement. This is more true in the área where the media has a say, because your judgement is often not even thought out, it is assumed in your process of being brainwashed by parents, schools, authorities, and the media.


From: jra2750


Women wear jewelry and makeup because they believe in magic and Hope...that engaging in 'dress-up' will get them the same 'goodies that naturally beautiful women get without the gee-gaws and paint.  Hope lives eternal in us all and the commercial bandits take advantage of it.  It's what makes the world go 'round.


From: Harold27Z


On the morning of my wedding, an aunt assumed my fiance would need make-up.  My fiance tuned my aunt saying that would cancel the wedding.

  Like I said, I don't want that shite near me.  I am not saying that for religious reason.  It makes me puke.

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


A boer thru and thru, or maybe just a boor?


From: Harold27Z


Thanks for the compliment.  Us hardliners are known as "Verkramptes / Inflexibles".  Liberals are "Verligtes / Enlightened".

I must logoff because I don't have time to stir now, maybe later.