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Prevention is better than cure   General Confusion

Started Jan-4 by Harold27Z; 803 views.

From: Harold27Z


The less senile among us will recall the hype about the "Y2K bug" .

Luckily it was a non-event and planes did not fall out of the sky.

I predict a REAL cock-up when 9999-12-31 becomes 10000-01-01.  To prevent it happening, all dates stoed need an storage extra digit.  Now is the time to think about it.

We must think outside the box.   I have sleepless nights worrying about our future descendants hating us for not producing a viable master-plan.

Actually I have a master plan because I am centuries ahead of my time.   It involves phasing-in compulsory conversion of all date structures NOW.  It involves making the format YYYYY-MM-DD because all else result in mass confusion.  it involves phasing out all time zones and just using GMT globally.  The plan involves cancelling Daylight Saving Time and unique time-zones used on redskin reservations. The plan involves enforcing a time-format of 24 hours in every device.  The 12 hour clock on our microwave oven sickenizes me.  Nobody should be allowed to manufacture 12 hour devices.

Wall clocks should show 24 hours, not just 12. Why is common sense so scarce ?

We cannot ignore the problem until the year 9999 because too much data would have accumulated beyond hope of conversion.

No need to thank me profusely for my insight.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)
Harold27Z said:

Now is the time to think about it.

Thank you for my daily laugh.

Don't worry - the human race will not survive to the year 10,000.


From: CzoeMC


You do make me laugh sometimes, and then you fall into the pit with "redskin reservations" remarks.

Such a shame. Any idea who you might be expounding to? Any measure of the wideness and breadth of humanity?

You have no idea of the heritage of those whom you speak with (so to speak, as this is all non-vocal), and you would be best served by not painting entire groups with a stroke of sarcasm.

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From: Harold27Z


I have my reservations and I wish they stayed on theirs.

We cannot even agree on which kind of man kind constitutes "mankind" and/or humanity.

As usual, you have misjudged me and assume I am pig-ignorant of "redskins" for want of a better collective term. 

As a child, I even ate some of their mince which they called "chilli".

I am glad the reskins invented man about town cowboy jackets.  I wear one in winter, not summer.

I am aware some tribes used bow and arrows to kill young women as sacrifices to their rain deities around Cahokia and other places.   They reported endless hassles with giants eventuating about 500 years ago when settlers arrived.

Each tribe is culturally unique and therein lies their ethnic nationality. I would never accuse them of being Americans or Canadians.  A tribe on the Tex-Mex border have free access.  Redskins in Canada score big-time smuggling tax-free tobacco.  Others score with online tax-free gambling schemes.  One reservation even uses its own unique time-zone as if time was important to them.  i cannot recall if they are in Idaho or Nebraska.

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From: CzoeMC


Harold27Z said:

As usual, you have misjudged me and assume I am pig-ignorant of "redskins" for want of a better collective term.

Haven't been on for awhile, as had too much more going on to keep up with social media, but was checking things out, and find your response truly appalling.

No need to assume, as you declare your racism right before us all, to judge, or not.

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From: Harold27Z


Heaven knows how hard I have tried to keep everyone happy.

What you perceive as "racism" is merely the desire not to become extinct.

Kindly explain why BBC nature journalist Richard Attenborough never described bees as "racist" for defending their hive and food supplies from alien invaders.

Years ago, liberal white women formed the "Black Sash" organization to protest segregation . 

Why do they not protest today's 119 anti-White racialist laws concerning "affirmative empowerment", affirmative action, property confiscation without compensation, discounted stocks and shares  linked to suntan status, Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), Preferential Procurement Policies (PPP), quota sports teams etc.  They are DNA traitors.

Look around you.  Pray tell which life forms  can you NOT thank for the WHEELS on your seat, the computer / internet, electricity, your car, your remote-opening gates,  your mobile phone, your satellite TV channels,  taps, ablution facilities, etc ?    I will need a simple answer from whoever accuses me of unfounded racism.

Without burdening Google search engines, pray tell us about the unifreckle contribution to civilization  ?

When the pendulum swings, it won't swing alone all by itself.

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From: CzoeMC


Harold27Z said:

pray tell us about the unifreckle contribution to civilization

Apparently, you mean "unifreckle" as skin than has a uniform , smooth melanin composure, instead of moles, or blotchy freckles on a pale complection.

I am not about to tell YOU of all creatures, about contributions from peoples of the world. That would simply be an occasion to piss in the wind, (if I had the paraphernalia).

Your feckless remarks seem only to anger, and I give you back your own acrid juices to steep in.

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Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


That is the grossest most racist, right-wing a..hole and a closet queen on top of his other weevils.

however it is good to see you and I hope you are keeping safe.


From: CzoeMC


Well, whatever his other weevils might be, judging by his pic, he surely looks redskin.

*Definitely "redneck" white-a** hole, though..., but what do you do with people like that?

For all we know, he's just a russian troll, who's only job is to get people pissed off.

*Also, Di, you are one who is aware, and I am grateful to think that you consider me a friend.

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Hendrik Verwoerd's picture? Harry just do it to bait/enrage people. There was a time when he used Hitler's pic. It's in his nature.