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Prevention is better than cure   General Confusion

Started 1/4/20 by Harold27Z; 4463 views.
BerrySteph said...
ramseylurker said:

We're all stuck in the middle sometimes. Back in 2002, the year that I started posting here at Delphi Forums, some left wing guerillas (the FARC) and some right wing paramilitaries (the AUC), were fighting each other in Bojayá, Chocó, Colombia, and folks stuck in the middle sought sanctuary from all the fighting in a church. The FARC lobbed un cilindro de gas (an improvised indiscriminate weapon that they were rather famous for using back in those days) up into the air during the fighting, and it fell on the church, killing 119 civilians (including 45 children) huddled inside and injuring 98. 

Almost bound to be a pack of lies.

Terrorists armed and funded by the US were set on colonialisation and creating themselves a puppet government.

Patriotic Columbians are fighting the much better armed collaborators with the occupation.

That's the long and the short of it.

It is hardly surprising that somebody who supports family separations and putting children in concentration camps in the USA and beating immigrants to death would support the kidnapping of children in Colombia.

Meddly made the same leap. In her case, it was because of her desire for Colombians to live in misery, and her support for kidnapping is meant to create that misery.

Once one gets addicted to the misery of others, there is a natural tendency to escalate.

You and Meddly disgust me with your full embrace of kidnapping culture.

Take a good look at what you support, Meddly. (not to mention who supports you)

You think you are tough when you threaten to use your band to kidnap the children of Patia, simply because of your hatred of freedom and liberty.

You are a murderous white supremacist kidnapping buffoon.

You have no right to kidnap our families.

You have no right to murder our families.

Enough with your threats of murder and kidnapping.