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Harry and Meghan - who gives a crap?   The U.K and Europe

Started 1/13/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 23046 views.


Thank you for the welcome!   :)   


From: Harold27Z


Thea, you are welcome to express any opinion as long as you agree with me.

You are most kind but who knows, sometimes I can think differently, but who knows?

I know that you know that I know that you know.


From: Harold27Z


Indeed,  the more you know, the more you know you don't know.

Ignorance is bliss or so I am told.   I suffer from information overload and need to filter-out boring stuff.


From: jra2750


Thanks for that info.  It appears that Harry and Meghan will still hold the title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  I wonder how that will fly in Canada.   As for the family dividing itself between Canada and England?  Perhaps but I envision problems with this arrangement.  

I'm the other way.  I'm tired of all the serious in the world, I like taking ignorance breaks and looking up useless and silly things.  Too much seriousness is not good.  Weekends I like informtion underload.


From: RGoss99


Dukes of Sussix, I don´t think Will be a problema because, many titled Brits have immigrated to Canada, and the queen, at least up until recently, has been including people from Canada in her honours lists, now mostly knights and dames, but in the past barons. As a foreigner living in a foreign country, I have had some adjustment problems other then simply language, e.g. no matter how excepted, I Will die here as a foreigner. In a way considering that as a couple each has a different national background, which could be devisive, so as an English speaking country, Canada as a new experience for both of them could build a stronger message. I just wich the media and people would leave them alone to make their own life. 

The only way the title can be taken away, is if it voluntarily given up, or like recently in Spain, the monarch retires it for bad behavior. For example our present King has two sisters, the older is the Duhess of Lugo, but her Duke lost his title when they divorced. The younger was the Duchess of Palma, but via scandle, influence peddling, etc. she is now simply Senyora Christine Boron de Grecia. (unlike the U.K. the kids of the titled don´t get titles until the original title holder diez. Princess here is a courtesy title and has no privileges or income, with on exception, sort of like the Prince of Wales was born with the title Duke of Cornwall, our crown princess is the Princess of Asturias. Because those of us in Catalunya tend to be anti monarch, while her Catalan title is Duchess of Girona, Girona Will not invite her to visit her titular province.


From: Harold27Z


If I might digress back to the topic, I see no reason to elevate people with titles inherited or otherwise.

The alleged royals did nothing for their own people, except make Britain unrecognizable under the watch of Elizabeth digit 2.

News is NOT news.  It is usually manufactured entertainment to divert attention from concealed news.

Half the news is unimportant sport.  Most countries have a minister for sport.  Uganda had a fat jumbo minster for sport who fell backwards kicking a ball - it went viral.

If you and I want to play a sport or even tiddlywinks, why should we need a government minister ?  To make rules for us ?

The bad word referenced above is equivalent to the "N" word.  The woman got a 2 year sentence.