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Niqab, burka and veils   The U.K and Europe

Started 2/20/20 by Di (amina046); 6050 views.
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Last first. Before cyber space, they were lonely people boring each other with news they picked up from the Enquirer or similar rags

The city of Tunis today surrounds the ruins of Carthage for which there is evidence of continuous occupation since the Phoenicians arrived, dating from the end of the Punic wars there is evidence of Roman architecture and occupation until Islam arrived, and since.

Romans did not reduce the number of Britians, they married them and taught them Latin, incorporated them into the army and those that chose not to integrate moved to Wales taking their Latin with them. Example all the "car-" and "caer-" places were Roman camps. Cardif (castle of David) contains a chain of construction from a Roman fortress, cut in half city + norman castle. Think fo Caerleon (camp of the legión near New Port on Usk, Cardigan sweaters, Caerphilly cheese, Caernarvon as Romans leaving the interior full of small villages with  continued habitatiion. Basicly all the Saxons did was ush the British into Cornwall, Wales, and up the west coast to Cumberland (Cumbria) into Galloway (Scotland)as far as Dumbarton (Castle of Britain), Key Word units "gal" and "cum".

The Britains who remained in Saxon territory both intermarried (Saxons did not bring wives) or became serfs.

There is evidence of Picts in Fife, and across the Tay into Angus. the key Word for their villages is "pit" and those that were under ground "weem" The Scots were Celti imigrants from Ulster, and their base was Argyll (Adr Gyle - sea coast of Gaul) the Picts were matrilinial the Scots patrrilinial and togather they founded the kingdom of the Scots and the Picts, and here Shakespeare got it wrong because under Pictish succession, McBeth was the rightful King and f rom monastic chronicles he was a Good King.

Of course the Tunisians are not just Carthagenians who were invaders there in the first place, after the fall of Carthage, elements from the Roman empire were added, Jews were already there, and Islam added first Arabs from the Aden península, then Turks, and elements of their empire.