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Kamala   America - all of it

Started 8/11/20 by el gringo (ramseylurker); 14251 views.
Jenifer (Zarknorph)

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Yes, she will have some tough questions to answer.

Be interesting to see how she responds.

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California’s neo-feudal future - Joel Kotkin, Brian C. Anderson, City Journal, 26 August 2020

... Brian Anderson: Your most recent piece, as I mentioned at the top, is on the new vice presidential candidate or nominee, I should say, Kamala Harris for the Democratic Party. She is a California Senator. She's someone we've written about a number of times, including a feature essay by Mark Pulliam that we published all the way back in 2016 calling her the next Obama and predicting that she would be a very plausible national candidate, so someone to keep an eye on. And you've been her constituent for a long time as a Californian. In your piece, you note her close ties with Silicon Valley and Hollywood, but you also caution readers not to underestimate her. Could you give our listeners a sense of what you think Kamala Harris represents and the Democratic Party and what she'll bring to the ticket?

Joel Kotkin: Well, I think she's really in a very sweet spot because, unlike let's say a Bernie Sanders or even Elizabeth Warren, she is not somebody who's going to stand up to the tech companies who increasingly dominate our economy as other parts of the economy are systematically destroyed. She's also able to cover a good part of the intersectionality quotient. She's part Asian, part black, although from the West Indies, not from the United States in terms of her parents. And obviously she's a female, so she sort of passes all those intersectional tests that seem to be determinative now in progressive politics. But she's very odd in the sense that she also has a history of a kind of ruthless prosecutor and-

Brian Anderson: Right. She is attorney general in California.

Joel Kotkin: Right. And then as Attorney General, she does clearly have an authoritarian streak. I always think that Donald Trump comes off as a second rate Mussolini, kind of a buffoonish figure, but the real authoritarian wave in America is not going to come out of Donald Trump, it's going to come in the form that Kamala Harris represents. Where if you disagree on certain issues, you get banned from internet platforms, if you disagree, for instance, on climate change, you could be sued and even go to jail. I think we're going to see a real authoritarian regime. And in terms of California's insane zoning and planning policies, she's been a key enforcer telling people, "No, you have to put everything in high density. It has to be near transit stops," even though such a tiny percentage of people in California take transit.

But this idea of imposing a San Francisco model on the rest of the state, which is insane given the fact that San Francisco is really kind of unique in California for its density, for its transit dependency, and yet the state and Harris personally push this. And then lastly, I think she's pretty well known as being a very haughty and authoritarian personality. I mean, that's what I've heard from people who've worked with her. But she's very, very smart. She has a good sense of what to do when and she obviously has the political skills since she basically called Joe Biden a racist and then became his vice presidential candidate, that shows a certain amount of skill.

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Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


I expect great things of her!