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Middle East Peace Deal   Africa and the Middle East

Started Aug-14 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 2728 views.
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From: slackerx


Well, if a two state solution is abandoned, then we're left with a one state solution, where minorities are engaged in a struggle for citizenship and the right to vote.

We can all live together as equals, in a multicultural society.

People strive for equality all over the world. Even here in America.

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From: bml00


I do not offer a solution , the current impasse with the Palestinians will not force Israel into a one state it will merely contrive the position to continue until there are new leaders on the Palestinian side with new ideas and leaders on the Israeli side who see the time is ripe for a deal.

The notion of we can all live together is fine and dandy but is not what Israel is about


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From: Di (amina046)


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From: bml00


The Saudis have been in touch directly with Israel for a very long time , there are increasing numerous commercial ties between the two countries and direct military communications

Such comments from the Prince are for the street he is very well aware that in an all out war with Iran it will be Israel that will take the fight to Iran and without Israel , SA will be decimated in a 2/3 hours


There can be no "two state solution" until both states recognize the right for each to live in peace. Only one state has even offered that. Only one state has a record of it. (the 20% of the population of Israel who are arab muslim and enjoy full rights in the Israeli state).


I see that you prefer baby talk rather than actual dispute. Apparently you cannot dispute any of what I said.

Liberalism is truly a mental disease..............


From: bml00


There is a reality you apparently dont want to face , the Israelis have attempted several times to make peace with the Palestinians , the demands from the Palestinians are totally unrealistic and beyond the ability of Israel to even consider

The losers are the Palestinians


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Jenifer (Zarknorph)


From: bml00


It is indeed an Historical moment to see an israeli plane with the Star of David land in the UAE on the other hand MANY MANY Israelis (including myself) with two passports have already been there and it is going to be a great partner for Israel , the Israelis will flock there and they will come here to see their Holy sites and the umpteen place of Interest for the Muslim World .

One day we will ultimately settle all differences with all our neighbours as one by one by one they come into the fold and become neighbours not enemies even Iran where the People of Israel and the People of Iran have DEEP historical and relgious ties as the Persians are the only people mentioned in the holy books of the Jews