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Black Leaders Call for End to Militias   America - all of it

Started 8/26/20 by slackerx; 1321 views.

From: CamGeary


Make Dems Cry Again 2020! (bobrazz) said...

Any time trouble started he and his followers would leave the protest immediately and leave the thugs to their own devices.

Jerry Rubin pulled the same gag at U Mass-Amherst, splitting town before the ROTC building was occupied...


From: slackerx


Make Dems Cry Again 2020! (bobrazz) said...

You cannot separate the criminal behaviour of the criminals taking advantage of the protests for criminal purposes from the legal actions of legal protestors protesting peacefully.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and virtually all who actually followed him did. Consistently (not as consistently as you post dishonestly here, but, consistently none the less)! Any time trouble started he and his followers would leave the protest immediately and leave the thugs to their own devices.

Here's an old article about MLK and the Civil Right Movement, from the National Review, that describe how folks thought of MLK and the Civil Rights Movement at the time:

Will Herberg, “‘Civil Rights’ and Violence: Who Are the Guilty Ones?”, The National Review Sept. 7th, 1965, pp. 769-770

It did not come easy for us in this country, under the weight of the vast influx of immigrants and the residual effects of the frontier tradition, to consolidate a secure internal order based on custom and respect for constituted authority; but finally we managed. This internal order is now in jeopardy; and it is in jeopardy because of the doings of such high-minded, self-righteous “children of light” as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and his associates in the leadership of the “civil rights” movement. If you are looking for those ultimately responsible for the murder, arson, and looting in Los Angeles, look to them: they are the guilty ones, these apostles of “non-violence.”
For years now, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and his associates have been deliberately undermining the foundations of internal order in this country. With their rabble-rousing demagoguery, they have been cracking the “cake of custom” that holds us together. With their doctrine of “civil disobedience,” they have been teaching hundreds of thousands of Negroes — particularly the adolescents and the children — that it is perfectly alright to break the law and defy constituted authority if you are a Negro-with-a-grievance; in protest against injustice. And they have done more than talk. They have on occasion after occasion, in almost every part of the country, called out their mobs on the streets, promoted “school strikes,” sit-ins, lie-ins, in explicit violation of the law and in explicit defiance of the public authority. They have taught anarchy and chaos by word and deed — and, no doubt, with the best of intentions — and they have found apt pupils everywhere, with intentions not of the best. Sow the wind, and reap the whirlwind. But it is not they alone who reap it, but we as well; the entire nation.
It is worth noting that the worst victims of these high-minded rabble-rousers are not so much the hated whites, but the great mass of the Negro people themselves. The great mass of the Negro people cannot be blamed for the lawlessness and violence in Harlem, Chicago, Los Angeles, or elsewhere. All they want to do is what decent people everywhere want to do: make a living, raise a family, bring up their children as good citizens, with better advantages than they themselves ever had. The “civil rights” movement and the consequent lawlessness has well nigh shattered these hopes; not only because of the physical violence and insecurity, but above all because of the corruption and demoralization of the children, who have been lured away from the steady path of decency and self-government to the more exhilarating road of ‘demonstration’ — and rioting. An old friend of mine from Harlem put it to me after t
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From: slackerx


SQUADDYB said...

But no mention of their own so called "peaceful protestors" who are a burnin' an' a lootin'?

Oh, Good Lord! Always the same thing from you when it comes to Black folks.

Isn't that the same thing that you said about my wife?

Why do you always sound like Will Herberg whining and complaining about MLK and the Civil Rights Movement in 1965?

SQUADDYB said...

>>>You know, my wife comes from a long line of cattle rustlers. <<<

She would fit in very well with the so called " peaceful protestors " who are committing crime, on our streets, everyday then?

It's easy for the White Man to insult Black Culture, in order to try to make yourself feel superior, as you cower in your house and cling to your guns in fear.

But what do you really know about my wife's culture and history?

And what is it about your whiteness that gives you the privilege to thoughtlessly tear down my wife's culture?

  • Edited September 2, 2020 1:56 pm  by  slackerx

Thank you for confirming that everything I posted was correct. I wonder, though, why did you have to write almost 500 words to do so?

liberalism is clearly a mental disease.


From: slackerx


If it were up to me, I'd...

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Biden is working towards MACBA (bobrazz) said:

I wonder if her/his clone was arrested for sedition. Haven't seen her/him for a while.

Why would I be arrested for sedition?

Do you even know what sedition is?

These Black leaders were warning about the seditionist militias.

But instead, their warnings were ignored because they were Black.

Maybe we should listen to Black folks.

There's something to that.

Except that black and Latino gangs actually kill a lot of people.

The media makes militias sound sinister (they might be white- yikes), but it's gangs that that are doing the damage.  The average American doesn't care because they don't live in a neighbourhood where gangs operate.  But many of you black friends do.

Let's call for an end to gangs.  You think anyone will listen?