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Black Jews Are Tired   Religion

Started 11/2/20 by slackerx; 17442 views.

From: slackerx


el gringo (ramseylurker) said:

Finding water can be a problem. It's like an oven out there. There's a Missing Persons Crisis at the border.

They still haven't found our goddaughter's aunt. 

Part II: Interference with Humanitarian Aid

Footage of Border Patrol Vandalism of Humanitarian Aid, 2010-2017

Please let our goddaughter's Aunt have a glass of water. 


I'm begging you.

Just one little glass.

She's still wandering around in the desert after all these years, still looking for a glass of water.


I know that you consider it your water, but I heard you have swimming pools full of water. Just a single glass of water out of your swimming pool.

It's so hot in the desert.

Please let her have a glass of water.

It's like an oven out there. Your wall is funnelling our families out into the desert just to be baked in a giant oven.

Please, just one glass out of your swimming pool. 

That's all she wants.

Out goddaughter and her sister still want to see their aunt.

Our goddaughters never did anything to you. They are US Citizens, born right here in Iowa.

Please...just one glass of water...your swimming pool won't even miss it.

Please..........I'm begging you.

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From: slackerx


If only somebody would allow our goddaughter's aunt to have a glass of water, maybe she could find her way home.

I don't understand why nobody will give her a glass of water. 

Is it because she's Catholic?

Is it because she's indigenous?

Is it because she's short?

It's hot out in the Arizona desert.

Our goddaughter and her sister just want their aunt to come back home, that's all. 

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From: slackerx


I don't understand why nobody will give our goddaughter's aunt a simple glass of water.

It's hot out in the desert.

Do they hate indigenous peoples?


From: slackerx


Will you please give our goddaughter's aunt a glass of water?


There's no need to kill her.


From: slackerx


Why can't our goddaughter's aunt have a glass of water?

I understand that Tom Metzger wants her dead, but why should we follow Tom Metzger?

Why can't we just live and let live?

There's no need for mass murder in the desert.

We're talking about our families, here.

So many Catholics have died of thirst, already.

More than 10,000...

We need to stop killing Catholics. 

It's just not right.

There's got yo be a way to allow ouf families to get a glass of water. Some foljs have entire swimming pools full of water.

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From: slackerx


bml00 said...

You can train the man till his nuts drop off but faced with a life or death millisecond decision you are almost certainly going to use your own weapon if you feel threatened .

IF the Police and the Villains are equally well armed then it is down to whom is better at a given time a given moment , yes the innocent will die that is a given but the saving of Police lives is a paramount


It's easy to attack Elijah McClain. He's dead, and can't fight back.

What did Elijah McClain ever do to deserve being shot by people like you?

It's bad enough that they choked him to death.

He had no weapons. That's just a White Supremacist lie. It's THE BIG LIE.

I don't understand your violent hatred for Americans.

Elijah McClain: Body cam shows events that led to 23-year-old's death | USA TODAY


From: slackerx


Jenifer (Zarknorph) said...

You're arguing human rights with a White Supremacist.

You will never convince him your wife is not scum, no matter what she does.

White Supremacists like BobAss and BerrySteph and BM will never consider our families as fully human.

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From: slackerx


bml00 said...

It was Christmas day in the Workhouse and the snow was falling fast ..

If you dont want my Christmas Pud then stick it up your ass.



Our goddaughter's aunt visited her family for Christmas. She never made it back home, because of people like you, and your filthy Water War on my country. We're still waiting for her, after all these years.

Over at the Opinion Forum, you like to talk about how much you loved celebrating Christmas when you were a child. 

That's called white privilege. You wouldn't even allow our goddaughter's aunt to celebrate Christmas with her family just because she is Indigenous to America. Why do you get to celebrate Christmas and American Catholics don't.

In your twisted little mind, Indigenous American Catholics are "illegal".

She wasn't "illegal". No human being is "illegal". Ask your mother. Ask your rabbi.

She was just shorter than you, that's all. And you hated her for it. Just like you hate Black Jews. You hated her so much that you wouldn't even let her enjoy Christmas with her family. You wouldn't even allow her a simple glass of water in the desert.

Randy Newman - Short People (Official Video)

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From: bml00


You will need to deal with the half wit and his pernicious libelous accusations , they are not acceptable