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Cancel Culture or Accountability?   World Wide WTF?

Started Nov-11 by Apollonius (Theocritos); 3941 views.

My favourite examples are those that describe the various indigenous peoples of the Americas.  Because this is a field in which I have done so much reading and had so much live experience, I have found any that I have looked at to be almost laughably inaccurate and incomplete, emphasizing certain cultural characteristics and events which jive with woke sensibilities while omitting any mention of all the many traits which a modern reader would likely find truly repulsive.

The historical information is invariably highly skewed.  One of the most basic problems, and this is something that you'll often find misrepresented in other venues, including many otherwise acceptable books, is the idea that these various groups have a recognized territory which they have inhabited for millennia.  In almost all cases, nothing could be further from the truth.    The overwhelming majority came from somewhere else, typically slaughtering, expelling or absorbing the previous inhabitants.

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Wikipedia is edited by regular people.  It is their bias that you are seeing, not anything consciously enforced by Wikipedia management.

They're regular people who have a point of view.   If you want that, you'd do better to read a book.

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McCarthy Says GOP Cancel Culture Is Wrong After Cheney Weighs In on Trump's Political Future

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy rebuked "cancel culture" within the GOP on Thursday, after Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney said that former President Donald Trump should no longer play a role in the party.


McCarthy Says GOP Cancel Culture Is Wrong After Cheney Weighs In on Trump's Political Future (

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This isn't cancel culture!

It's not like everyone is mad at Trump for an offensive tweet he made 10 years ago.

They're mad because he is a dangerous criminal.

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