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The Inevitable Civil War begins   America - all of it

Started 1/7/21 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 50819 views.
8645 (RedBV)

From: 8645 (RedBV)


1. A person who makes a deliberately offensive post with the aim of upsetting another in order to solicit an angry response.

That defines what you're doing, lad . . .


From: bml00


The very same MO is used with me and others , he makes outrageous statements and can NEVER EVER provide a link .

He is a real asset to this forum as you can see

He has been outed everywhere with his monotone junk


8645 (RedBV)

From: 8645 (RedBV)


It gets so old . . . when he finds himself most always behind the eight ball or shut down by a forums staff . . . one would think at some point he would learn . . . repeating the same thing over and over with the same result . . . oh well . . .

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Damn!! That Vox video was upsetting.

What do you know about your Goddaughter's aunt?  When was she last seen and where?

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


It is his word against yours.

He is right, you cannot copy any of his posts and paste them into another forum without his consent.

You are free to post a link, however.

He has encouraged you to do so.

That is your only option.

However, it seems a silly thing to be wasting time arguing over.


From: slackerx


bml00 said:

The very same MO is used with me and others , he makes outrageous statements and can NEVER EVER provide a link . He is a real asset to this forum as you can see He has been outed everywhere with his monotone junk

How did you get involved in this Civil War, anyway?

RedBV is an American, unlike you.

You can start at this link. RedBV appeared to be trolling, and trying to intimidate me with his stalkerish comments. (I put the stalker stuff in the center square of his BINGO card, since it acts like a free square.)

I had to check with Jennifer first, because he asked it in the Israel thread, which seemed like a wierd place to come in out of the blue asking such questions. You can read the entire thread and count how many times he asked for an answer to his question. I keep losing count. I did my best to answer his question, but he just seemed to get more and more inexplicably abusive and bullying as the thread went on. 

Finally, he got to the point where he was giving bogus and dangerous legal advice to bi-national couples to get common law marriages. His advice could have led to family separations should anybody listen to him, which I objected to. His legal advice was so dangerous for bi-national couples that Jennifer was forced to close the entire thread and start a new one.

Hey there slackerz/ramsey . . . a simple question for you - lets see if you know and understand the purpose of "controlled immigration" . . . and the consequences of non-controlled immigration . . .

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8645 (RedBV)

From: 8645 (RedBV)


Well now, once again you pull your game of - as soon as you see that a person who has seen a post you addressed to them . . . you then edit your post they are responding to . . . while that might be cute to some . . . the problem is, that when you do it, you're often doing it for the purpose of changing context and the like . . .

Be that as it may . . . your original claim was that I supposedly asked you about something that your posted vid deals with . . . you were told ta come up with link(s) that such took place . . . you've not done so . . . and why you haven't done so is very simple - the context is not what you try and pass off, lad . . .

Given the above is the case and you have a huge penchant concerning latino issues . . . where I asked you a question was in a thread concerning issues about Israel, which in fact you acknowledged the thread was about . . . and the context was you trying to go after BM, who apparently you don't like . . . in specific you attempted to hijack the thread to your favorite issue - Latino's . . . given you've not provided link(s) . . . here are the concerned links -

As anyone can see - the context of the conversation at that time was not about immigration, Latinos, etc. . . . in fact it was about a specific incident that had taken place in Israel . . .

Did you address that specific incident, make any attempt to discuss the incident . . . nope ya didn't . . . you got ticked off that BM briefly addressed your immigration penchant that most every nation in the world has policies concerning immigration to their respective nations and that following those policies results in, the person doing so, running afoul of the respective laws concerning immigration to the respective nations . . . you being ticked off then began spamming BM . . . until the forum host told you to stop -

Frankly, did you stop, nope ya didn't . . . in fact you continued on posting articles concerning immigration in the U.S. . . . in a thread that was supposed to be about Israel . . . in other words you went from spamming to trolling . . . which the forum host addressed and told you to stop -

Now to the question I asked you -

"Hey there slackerz/ramsey . . . a simple question for you - lets see if you know and understand the purpose of "controlled immigration" . . . and the consequences of non-controlled immigration . . ."

Did you ever address my question, no ya didn't . . . what ya did do is start spamming me as you had done with BM . . . as well making erroneous accusations toward me . . .







From: SquaddyB


You see, exactly what RedBV has just accused you of, is the exact same kind of thing that I had accused you of!

But, of course, in your little trolling world, we are both wrong and only you are right!


8645 (RedBV)

From: 8645 (RedBV)


(continuing on)

In face I ignored your spamming and erroneous accusations . . . instead addressing the context of my question to you -


Seems you don't know me very well . . . ya see I back BLM, back immigration, have assisted getting rid of racists and like for well over 40 yrs, recently assisted in getting rid of one of the parler folks that was a city police chief, etc. . . . for the last 5 yrs worked on getting rid of donnie boy and other left side politics, etc. . . .

As to the question asked of you - what seems so hard about addressing it . . . it should be pretty simple to address controlled immigration and the consequences of non controlled immigration . . . for example - one of the consequences of non-controlled immigration can often result in what amounts to squalor style camps akin to 3rd world refugee camps overwhelming the resources of a nation and available assistance from agencies like the WHO, UN, etc. . . . 

In other words - there is quite a bit involved for immigration to work well . . . and donnie boy damn sure screwed up on the southern border of the U.S. . . . as well in addition to curtailing many of the immigration/refugee programs that were in place in the U.S. when he became the occupant of the Oval Office . . . thankfully he is now gone and Biden is taking the steps ta get the U.S. back on track . . .

So, do you plan on addressing the question asked of you . . ."

It was interesting that while a favorite topic of yours is immigration . . . yet when I asked you about controlled immigration vs. non controlled immigration . . . apparently you didn't wish to discuss that aspect of immigration . . . instead continuing to spam me with articles about Latinos and the U.S.. . . to include a post about the Sanctuary Movement (as if I didn't know anything about it) until the forum host reminded you the thread is about Israel -

Oh, as to the SM I provided you an article regarding that -


So, it looks like you've decided on spamming me with vids from yer multiple nics . . . instead of taking part in any discussion, lad . . .

Anyway, regarding the sanctuary movement I happen to support it . . . and here is an article that describes it pretty well - origin, purpose, etc. . . .

The Sanctuary movement was a religious and political campaign in the United States that began in the early 1980s to provide safe haven for Central American refugees fleeing civil conflict. The movement was a response to federal immigration policies that made obtaining asylum difficult for Central Americans.

As the article also points out - the movement led to Temporary Protected Status . . . an item that donnie boy wrongly screwed up . . . 

But ya see - the movement is about asylum not immigration (in and of itself) . . . 

So, which is it that you are wanting to address - immigration or asylum, eh lad . . ."








From: slackerx


8645 (RedBV) said...

(continuing on)

Of course you are. You're just trying to hijack this thread, just like you hijacked the other thread.

It's just how you operate. Trolling by exhaustion.

Not interested in anything that happened before Advil's post here.

My conversation with BM was over. Just ask Jennifer.

I chose to wash BM's mouth out with soap, and did so.

I got repremanded for it. Meh. That has nothing to do with you.

Take it up with Jennifer.

You came here 4 and a half days after my last post in that thread.

Any reference by you later to a conversation that had already ended is trolling, plain and simple.

You asked me a question.

I sought and received permission first from Jennifer to answer your question, and then I did so, despite your disengenousness.

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