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The Deep Divide hits a new level of Stupid   America - all of it

Started 1/24/21 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 19082 views.
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From: CzoeMC


Jenifer (Zarknorph) said:

SquaddyB said: In your absence, due to the time difference, maybe appointing a moderator would help?

I've asked. I can't get any help.

Sorry Jen. As an anointed "helper", have been sadly negligent.

Due to family responsibilities, after a death, tended to avoid politics and social media in order to cocoon. As if the pandemic and social isolation weren't enough! Oh boohoo, right?

Hope to be with you in the battle.

Please pm with updates on the confusion, and I might need some brush up on edit skills necessary. (Not that I ever DID delete anything, lol). Free speech and all.

I raise my rapier to defend us!!!

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Jenifer (Zarknorph)

Oh MY GOD!! You have no idea how welcome you are to help me!!