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The Deep Divide hits a new level of Stupid   America - all of it

Started 1/24/21 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 95706 views.
CzoeMC said...

Witch hunt!!?!! Oh, thank you for the best laugh tonight.  There is no ability to heal, until the patient and doctor agree that there is a wound. Several, even, if you include the scars he left.

Well, you have to understand. BM hates Black Catholics every bit as much as he hates Black Jews. 

He has absolutely no morality at all.

To me, BM is just another tit-ripper, ripping the tits off of any Woman whose religion he disagrees with.

They used to do that with Black Catholics.

As near as I can tell, BM is 100% behind the tit-rippers, and against Black Women.

Remember, BM is part of a crowd, in a pro-slavery forum, who like to laugh it up while targeting Black Women as "fatassed bushwomen".

In short, BM has a tit-ripping personality.

The Witch Hunt in Cartagena- History of Cartagena

Cartagena has a very dark history. So In this episode, I go over the infamous witch hunt that happened during the colonial period


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bml00 said:

Those that have supported Trump and their figures run into the tens of Millions will know that his policies will need to be enacted in the future by people who are more comptent ,more able and more politically savvy than Trump ever was to combat this the American Left will need to reduce the level of friction . Biden is old he will not last 4 years and I am in doubt that a COLORED WOMAN will sit well with millions and millions of people specially one married to a Jew (I doubt you could ask for a more flammable toxic mix for the American Right to swallow )

Supervisor Ishmael Finn is a murderer 

( afronaut / afrodelic )


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katiek2 said:

What you have just said, Czoe, is that there will never be healing unless everyone believes the same as you.  That's not healing.  That's "conform or shut up".

Supervisor Ishmael Finn is a murderer