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Israel 2   Africa and the Middle East

Started 2/16/21 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 108772 views.
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Salsa Cubana - Rueda - Tel Aviv Israel

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Israeli Salsa Congress 2016 - Pool party part 3

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Jerusalema Dance Challenge from Palestine by PAC – Sharaf DarZaid

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Beautiful Palestinian Traditional Dabke Dance [Arizona Asian Festival 2019]

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Rueda Flashmob 2017 Palestine Part1

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Rueda Flashmob 2017 Palestine Part2

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Rueda Flashmob 2017 Palestine Part 3

2009 Gandhi-King Conference - Mubarak Awad

NYAP 20 YEARS VHS TAPE- The Mubarak Awad Story

Uncle Albert,

Would you please edit your post to match mine.

I misspoke.

Obviously, I meant to say that slacker is like a cousin to me, not a brother.

Thank you, Uncle Albert.