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North Korea Missile Tests   Asia

Started Mar-24 by The (Scytl) Hammer (mahjong54); 670 views.

Donald's Boyfriend is back in the headlines. Pick a headline, any headline

The man Donald fell in love with tests every new U.S. administration with this kind of "NOTICE ME" attention seeking shenanigans. It's a family thing, every Kim at the helm of NK since 1956 did something like this within 4 to 6 months of a new U.S. administration. 

Until NK got nukes under the George W Bush (R) years, it wasn't really a big deal. Since NK got nukes under the George W Bush (R) years, missile tests have been more successful in getting the petulant mini-Trump noticed. 

Trump himself faced it before sucking up to the little dictator, President Obama faced it, Bush faced it, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter... yep, always been a thing. A bigger thing when they demonstrated a nuclear blast during Dubyah (ironically, why Dubyah was in Iraq seeking WMD). 

However, one thing is different this time. Yes, the nuke stockpile starting during Dubyah and grew exponentially under "The Former Guy", that is one big difference. But there's another big problem attached to this big problem. 

Always, even in the heat of the cold war, China was always somewhat willing to work with the U.S. in pressuring North Korea to behave. But now, has the changed? After 4 years of Trumps stupid trade wards and claiming "Russia didn't interfere with our elections, that was GINA" (Gina is the trumpian word for China). A year of Trumps "The Gina Virus" or "The Wuhan Flu". 

Donald J. Trump was way out of his skillset when it came to international diplomacy, and the need for China to take a stand on North Korea's naughty little Mini-Trump with big bombs is greater than ever - yet, what he have now, is a very pissed off giant who is not very happy with the US of A. Will they help us keep Mini-Trump in line? 


Only time will tell. But it's a good thing that the larger Kim is no longer at the helm of U.S.A. - I am glad we have an adult in the White House now. 

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


I'm reading Bob Woodward's book "Rage" and he is going over North Korea at the moment.

Trump thinks only of negotiating a deal and cannot see beyond the moment where one is signed.  Kushner is the same, yet he thinks all problems can be solved with money (His plan to solve the Middle East problems was to literally just give Palestinians a cheque).

So in 2017, KJU signs a trivial contract that says nothing new and Trump returns to the US triumphant in the belief that he has solved the problem of North Korea forever.


I do hope Trump and Kushner are gone from politics forever. 

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


I'm pretty sure KJU did this around the same amount of time into Trump's presidency.

It was very early.


From: CamGeary


Pyongyang vanishes in a mighty blast and a huge pillar of smoke! US Spokesman: "Well, ours work, anyway"...

Since the armistice in the 1950's, every NK Kim leader has tested every new U.S. President.

It was usually ramped up "training" exercises, and flag waiving until NK got better missile tech and nukes during the Bush years, so it's been bigger news since Bush (2.0 that is). 

That "fire and fury" evolving into "that's when we fell in love" was the strangest for sure, but yes... within 6 months of a new U.S. administration, NK will dip it's toes into the water to feel the temp. 

CamGeary said...

Pyongyang vanishes in a mighty blast and a huge pillar of smoke! US Spokesman: "Well, ours work, anyway"...

Hmmm, well, when Mac pushed NK all the way to the Chinese border and unleashed the Chinese hoard, it didn't happen. When the Chinese/NK hoard and pushed Mac nearly off the southern tip it didn't happen. 

It didn't happen during the 1976 tree cutting incident, nor when unexpected heavy rainfall revealed unauthorized NK weapons inside the DMZ.

It didn't happen when massive NK movements occurred during the first US/Iraq war, which was a good thing, because it turned out the massive movement was AWAY from the DMZ, not across it as initial reports suspected. 

It didn't happen when NK expelled the nuclear inspection teams and it didn't happen when NK tested their first bomb. (we were too busy looking for WMD in the 2nd Iraq war). It didn't happen during missile tests during Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama or Trump. 

It didn't even happen when Trump said "fire and fury" and the response was test long range missiles over US bases in Guam. 

But, we can all rest assured, then when Biden is retiring in 4 or 8 years and it still hasn't happened, the American right will mock Biden for not having done it. 


From: bml00


All peace deals are about money and incentive 



From: CamGeary


Note, though, that whenever a Dem gets into office, China and NK act up to see how far they can push it; still, why go full-annihilation when there are alternate forms of pushback, like "The US recognizes the Republic of Taiwan", or "immense American armadas traverse the chunks of international waters now claimed by China with its pissant artificial islands on a regular basis"..."but, by Jingo, if they do"...

Huh.... so... you think that what China and NK did to "test" any Democrat President comes close to comparing to testing a nuclear bomb during Bush or flying missiles over Guam during Trump even after he spoke of "fire and fury"? Well, that's friggin hilarious...please, continue, I enjoy a good laugh.