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Thief!   General Confusion

Started Apr-27 by Apollonius (Theocritos); 245 views.

... Alexis de Tocqueville warned us nearly two centuries ago that democracies fail when people decide to vote themselves rich. Biden’s $1.9 trillion “stimulus” package and his proposed $2.3 trillion bribes to Democratic constituencies masquerading as infrastructure are exactly what de Tocqueville warned about. With a federal borrowing requirement around 15% of national income financed mainly by Federal Reserve purchases of Treasury debt, the U.S. is headed for a disaster. This is too much even for Obama’s Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, who warned last week that inflation indicators are flashing a red alarm.

This is a Ponzi scheme, not an economic policy. Throwing massive amounts of cash out the helicopter window while throttling investment (by raising corporate income tax and capital gains tax rates) gets exactly one result, and that is inflation. Inflation robs the poor, who have no where to go but the checkout counter, and favors the rich, who can buy inflation hedges. The Biden administration is playing Robin Hood, except it’s robbing the poor and the middle class. It goes without saying that the worst victims of inflation are minorities.

This could be the issue that brings down the Democratic Party.

Home prices have jumped 12% over the past year as pension funds, foreign investors, and wealthier Americans pour money into homes as an inflation hedge. Rents have ticked up, too, as the Wall Street Journal reported on April 21. According to the government, the price of shelter has only risen 1.7% in the year through March 2021. Who are you going to believe — the government, or your own eyes?

Trudeau has doubled Canada's national debt in just over a year.

According to the government our annual inflation rate in Canada is running at 1.27%

The real rate is closer to 25%.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Apollonius (Theocritos) said:

The real rate is closer to 25%.

It probably just feels like that. 

Well, I keep track of house prices and of the price of gasoline.   The annual rate for both is a 30% increase over last year.

Food is harder to pinpoint so exactly, but believe it or not I'm one of those fanatics who actually lists the amount of money I spend on food.   It depends on the item.  Nothing has gone down in price.  Veggies and fruits are up a lot.   Meat prices, especially chicken and beef, are way up:  more than 50% higher than a year ago.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


House prices and gasoline are subject to factors other than standard inflation.

I can't explain why your meat prices have risen so drastically, though.