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China and The Taliban?   Africa and the Middle East

Started 8/10/21 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 1449 views.

From: bml00


You are correct , China assists North Korea and Iran so does Russia they both very rightly perceive weakness with Biden and his one time mentor Obama and for all his bellicose noise Trump also did very little . 

History is replete with Empires as they wane the US is sadly no different , the Barbarians are getting ever closer to the gates 


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From: slackerx


bml00 said:

History is replete with Empires as they wane the US is sadly no different , the Barbarians are getting ever closer to the gates 

Tell me about it...those of us who live here know all about the Barbarians at the gates. The USA has enemies within, and enemies without.

On this we agree. 

I'm not sure if this is really the proper place for such a discussion, though. This thread is about China and the Taliban, not the Barbarians at the gates of the USA. 

I suggest that we move this discussion to another thread, to avoid hijacking this thread.

Listen to children who’ve just been separated from their parents at the border

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From: dilobite


<< why is China rolling out the red carpet for the Taliban? >>

I think this sidebar hits the mark:
// Beijing fears unrest in neighbouring Afghanistan could fuel extremism in Xinjiang //

Given the likely success of the "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan", the Chinese
will want to secure some understanding. 

Wikipedia trying to keep things straight:
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Not to be confused with the Emirate of Afghanistan (1823–1926) and Emirate of Afghanistan (1929), Islamic State of Afghanistan (1992–2002), or Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (2004–present).

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Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Hello Dilobite,

Welcome to the fray.

I don't know if this is China just stepping up and giving the middle finger to the US, or China stepping up and putting itself forward as the inevitable global leader to emerge once the US descends completely into Civil War.

Either way, nobody wants Chinese "Peacekeepers" in their country.


From: dilobite


Traditionally the Silk roads included passage through Afghanistan between China & Persia. 
The U.S. scenario was that Afghanistan would partner with India, which would mean
that Pakistan would have unfriendly regimes on both sides.
India has been heavily involved with the outgoing regime [they built the Parliament buildings]

But the Taliban are more closely related to Pakistan, even though their particular version 
of Islam originated in India. [The right are howling that, in reality, it is Pakistan that is taking over Afghanistan]
And the Chinese are right now building a section of their 'silk road' in Pakistan.

Behind much of this, including the abandonment of Afghanistan, is the American new cold war against China.  The Hindu nationalist government of India is strongly anti-muslim and its hatred of Pakistan is being
used as leverage in that effort.
India is being encouraged to be aggressive along the whole northern front, which I think is
a dangerous development - three nuclear powers staring at each other in the mountain valleys.

Interesting times.

  • Edited August 15, 2021 12:50 pm  by  dilobite

<<<...India is being encouraged to be aggressive along the whole northern front...>>>

No "encouragement" at all, it has been that way before Musharraf, Zia-ul-Haq, Bhutto and the rest of the Irredentist Pakistanis, either nationalists or militarists.

That's why they lost East Pakistan. Wait, they never gave a flying puck about East Pakistan. It was Bengali country (i.e. Dirty Hindus).


From: dilobite


By "encouragment" this is the sort of thing I mean:

Cleo Paskal of  @FDD
: If there is a fight - India will take the fight away from Ladakh and into Tibet.
India considers liberating Tibet from the PRC.


Had no idea about them wanting to "liberate" Tibet but I'm sure they haven't forgotten when Nehru's arse was kicked "clean off" by Mao and his PLA. Can't remember the year but it was during JFK's tenure.


From: dilobite


MEDDLY said:

I'm sure they haven't forgotten when Nehru's arse was kicked "clean off"

That's why the think-tank freedom fighters such as I mentioned are
irresponsible in their cheerleading India's  Hindu nationalists.

This is an American-organized plan. They even went so far as to rename the
Pacific Command as the Indo-Pacific Command. 
[when you read "Indo-pacific' it's a good bet that your are reading a new cold warrior.]

More from the same think tankist:
How to burst CCP’s balloon

// The thing that scares the CCP even more than a country pushing back on multiple fronts, is countries banding together to multiply their ability to push back. That means the Quad, or an Indo-Pacific Charter, or the proposed Supply Chain Resilience Initiative between India, Japan and Australia.

The CCP’s Comprehensive National Power is most effective against isolated targets. It tried to pressure Australia into dropping its requests for an inquiry into the origins of Covid-19 by (in part) putting tariffs on Australian barley. Those plans were stymied when India agreed to take some of the crop.

The CCP built up the tourism sector in Palau—a country that recognises Taiwan—and then pulled out Chinese tourism to try to pressure Palau to drop Taiwan. Now Palau is asking the US to build a military base there.

The CCP hates it when we work together to defend ourselves. And it is not alone. The CCP is enlisting its partners to try to keep us weak and apart. And one of its major partners is Russia. //